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    To increase insulation you can also point with Hemp (Chanvre) mortar.

    4 buckets sand
    2 buckets NHL 3.5

    When well mixed add

    2 buckets hemp (Chanvre)
    add more water as needed

    On exterior walls do not use within 1 metre of the ground.

    Note also that this is physically weaker than straight mortar so should not be used in areas where structural strength is needed.

    You should also point to a depth of 4 to 6cm to get the greatest benefit.

    St Astier sell pre-mixed but these are targeted at casting wall fillings and flooring.

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    divvylivvy wrote:
    Chaux blanc does not contain cement it is just lime. Tradifarge do do a ciment/lime mix that we have used succesfully internally and externally. Though in the colder weather it takes a little longer to go off and slows down your work.

    Lime and cement both are made from lime it is the method that is different in its production. The use of lime went out a bit in the UK when plastisizer was bought in (never use washing up liquids) ( they cause the mixture to weaken).

    There has been some recent thoughts on the mixing of lime and cement, that the mixing of the two is not so good.

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    I have now read all the posts,all the links,studied the manufacturers websites and am still undecided what lime to use.
    It seems to be between Saint Astier NHL 2 and NHL 3.5.
    I live in the Creuse (23),have a 150 year old granite house,and want to point some outside walls of the house and point and render inside as well.
    I would like to achieve a light,sand coloured finish.I like contoured render over the walls,not a perfectly flat surface.
    I will be re-building a wall in the future.

    Will one of the above suit all my needs?

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    As your walls are granite (v hard) then 3.5 will be fine you could go as far as………..(no I don’t want to confuse you any more) :wink:

    It is the sand that provides the colour but a strong lime 2:1 would obviously be lighter in colour than 3:1

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    Thanks teapot.

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