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    We’re starting to clear our veg. patch and found some marrows. So I made stuffed marrow but had a hard job cutting it. Some have soft skin but this one was rockhard. The end product was tasty though. With some couscous and other salads.


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    One of my sort of shepherds pies without the Shepard. A little lopsided but still tasted good. If you are looking for cooking tips. Boil some potatoes, cook some mince mix the mince with loads of bisto but do not mix the two together until the mince is cooked, having to dumb this down so as everyone can follow it.

    Pop the mince in a glass dish, I mixed cream and butter through the potato just to help cog the arteries pop the potato on top of the mince sprinkle some cheese on top bake in the oven, even demon liked it.


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    With just the two of us for Christmas Dinner, there’s not much point in a whole bird. Yes, I know the carcass would make good stock, but these days I prefer to take it easy. So:

    Chicken marinated in lemon juice & white wine with a rich mushroom sauce. The chicken breasts come from Picard (high quality frozen food store) and are always excellent.
    Thaw the chicken and marinade for an hour or so (enough wine to cover with a generous helping of lemon juice). Then coat in seasoned flour, brown for 4-5min in a sauté pan and set aside. Fry lardons, diced pepper and onion then stir in some more flour and cook out. Add white wine and stock, stirring all the time, then return the chicken and cook for about 10min or so. Add the mushrooms, more wine and stock as needed and season to taste.
    To accompany the chicken – a bottle of Côte de Bourg, €7-off from Monoprix (with a second bottle half price on offer!)
    Roast veg and – as a seasonal gesture, and to add some more colour to the plate – Brussels sprouts.

    Banana and berry bread & butter pudding. This uses a mixture of home-made fruit loaf, complet and brioche. buttered well. The berries are another staple from Picard, thawed and well-drained so they don’t bleed through the pud.
    The custard uses 3 eggs to a pint of milk with plenty of coarse-grated nutmeg and a few spoonfuls of crème fraiche, all whisked together.
    Butter an earthenware pot and add the bread, fruit and pour over the custard, then allow to stand for 30min before baking for about 30-40min at 170-180 fan. It should be beautifully light, moist and smooth.

    With the best china, crystal glass and candles, this looked and tasted good – and (important now we are pensioners) didn’t break the bank!

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