Buying in 2021? Beat the Rush By Becoming a FrenchEntrée Member

Buying in 2021? Beat the Rush By Becoming a FrenchEntrée Member

After months of travel restrictions and post-Brexit uncertainty, there’s good news for French property buyers in 2021. With British buyers able to travel again from May 17th and France opening its borders to all international travellers from June 9th, there’s no time like now to launch your French property search.

That’s where FrenchEntrée can lend a hand! Signing up as to be a FrenchEntrée member is completely free, as are all the services we provide. Becoming a member offers a host of handy features to aid your property search and with the anticipated rush of buyers heading over to French shores, it could be just what you need to avoid missing out on that dream property.

Here’s how to benefit:

1. Sign up for your free membership

Signing up is an easy 2-step process and it’s all done online. Simply head over to our FrenchEntrée Membership page and type in the information. Be sure to let us know details of your property search—this will allow us to put you in touch with our expert advisors and tailor our services to meet your needs. You’ll receive an email confirmation and once you’ve confirmed, you’ll be able sign in and benefit from all the free member features.

Become a frenchentree member

2. Set up property alerts so you don’t miss out

Immobiliers are dealing with unprecedented demand, so booking your property visits in advance is essential to avoid missing out. Setting up property alerts means you’ll be the first to know when new properties come on the market. You can set up as many property alerts as you like and tailor them to your search preferences. Here’s how to do it:

3. Save, shortlist and compare properties

Members not only get to browse our extensive online property portfolio, but have access to many exclusive and off-market properties too. To make your search even easier, you can save, shortlist and compare your favourite properties. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, get in touch with our property team to start arranging your viewing trip.

4. Get in touch with our property team

It’s no more expensive to purchase a French property through FrenchEntrée than it is if you went directly to an estate agent. We don’t charge any fees and are renumerated by our partners, so you pay the same. As a member, you get to benefit from our backup and support throughout your property search, property visits, and the entire buying process. We also have a vast network of trusted partners and specialists who can answer all your questions regarding legal matters, wealth management, currency exchange, and any other concerns.

5. Speak with our French mortgage advisors

The French mortgage market is tight at the moment and you will only get one shot at your mortgage application, so make it count. Whether you’re wondering how much you can borrow or are worried about securing finance post-Brexit, our mortgage team can advise you on the best options for you and put you in touch with mortgage brokers and lenders all around France.

Ready to Become a FrenchEntrée Member?

Ready to start your 2021 French property search and make the most of all these member-only benefits? Sign up to become a FrenchEntrée Member here.

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