The best way to make your payments to and from France

FrenchEntrée and moneycorp have worked together for over 10 years, helping thousands of people to save money when buying or maintaining their property in France. Here you can find out how to get the best exchange rates and receive free guidance on all your overseas money transfers.

Moneycorp versus the High street bank

The services of moneycorp are free and you can start using them at the very early stages of your search. In fact it is recommended you look into it at the very beginning of your journey. Some buyers can leave it until the last minute to organise their finances and end up using the high street bank, this can be very expensive.

See how much you could gain using moneycorp instead of your high street bank. The exchange rate examples below (taken on 5th March 2020) demonstrates what you would receive if you sent £100,000:

Great exchange rates

moneycorp typically offer better exchange rates than the high street bank: you can save almost €5,000 on a transfer of £100,000.

Expert Guidance
You will have access to a foreign exchange expert at moneycorp who will assess your deadlines, budget and expectations and will explain your options as early in the process as you want. You could even fix a rate of exchange in advance of a payment –up to two years before a payment is due.
Flexible options

With moneycorp you would be offered different ways to manage your foreign exchange and make your payments. Over the telephone or using a 24/7 online platform you would be able to fix a rate in advance of a payment, place a market order to track a specific rate or set a plan to deal with smaller payments.

No transfer fees

High street banks can charge up to £40 every time you send money abroad. moneycorp has an exclusive offer for French Entrée by which you are not charged any transfer fees for your international payments, regardless of the amount or method of purchase.

Safe and Secure

All client funds are safeguarded in segregated client bank accounts. Personal information is always kept safe for peace of mind.

Explorer Travelcard

When you open an account with moneycorp you will be given access to a pre-paid explorer card with great rates of exchange in your travel money and no fees when using ATMS whilst you are in France looking for properties.

Save money with the exchange experts

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 "The most remarkable thing about using moneycorp is how easy they make the whole process for you. It's simple to open an account and, afterwards, you have direct access to your personal dealer - along with their great exchange rates, it's such a massive difference from using the bank."

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