French Tax

French Tax

Save time, money and stress with our guide to taxation in France. Here, you can find all the up-to-date information on French Tax. Learn about the aspects of French taxation affecting your home and life when you purchase a French property and/or move to France.

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Income Tax in the UK and France Compared

Early April in the UK sees the end of one tax year and the start of another. While in France, the end of April brings the delivery of annual household tax forms for return to the French taxman by the end of May.

The Real Estate Fiscal Representative in France

Do you need a real estate fiscal representative in France? Selling a real estate property may require the designation of real estate fiscal representative in France, though there are some instances where this isn’t the case. There exists an automatic

Taxes in France After Brexit: 2021 Onwards

Will the UK’s exit from the EU affect your French tax and social charges in 2021? Will your pension be taxed differently if you live in France? Will second-home owners in France now be liable for capital gains tax if

Inheritance tax

The Importance of Domicile and Inheritance Tax

The importance of domicile and inheritance tax – why it matters to your family where you are domiciled The concept of domicile under English and Welsh law is complicated, but if you live in either the UK or France and