French Tax

French Tax

Save time, money and stress with our guide to taxation in France, sponsored by Blevins Franks. Here, you can find all the up-to-date information on French Tax. Learn about the aspects of French taxation affecting your home and life when you purchase a French property and/or move to France.

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French Taxation System

An introduction to the Tax system in France

Investments and Taxes

Information on how French Tax may affect your investments

Local Property Taxes

The various taxes applied to French homes

Safeguarding your future

Capital gains tax and looking after your future

Recommended reading

French income tax requirements – 2017

As French residents, French income tax will apply to worldwide income, subject to the terms of any relevant double tax treaty (DTT). French income tax is assessed on a ‘foyer fiscal’ basis, which means that married couples file joint tax

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English domicile vs French domicile

If you own property in France you should to be aware of the rules around ‘domicile’. Daniel (Dan) Harris, Head of International and Cross-Border at Stone King LLP, explains why.

English Trusts in France

    Many people might not be aware of the potential tax consequences of an English trust in France. Until recently there was no legal concept of a ‘trust’ under French law, however the legislation has recently been modified to