Leaseback Property in France

LEASEBACK PROPERTYWelcome to our comprehensive guide to Leaseback Property in France. A complete on-line resource for information for those who are thinking about buying a Leaseback Property in France.

Leaseback Property in France is becoming more and more popular with people wanting to save money on their holiday home investment. The French have used the Leaseback system for years as an investment for their future. Here you will find all the information you need about Leaseback Property in France, from how it works, the advantages and disadvantages and whether this is the right sort of investment for you.

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Explaining the system of Leaseback Property in France

The advantages and disadvantages and how the French Leaseback system works

Practicalities of buying a Leaseback Property in France

What’s involved when buying Leaseback Property in France


The changing face of French leaseback buying

The Changing Face of French Leaseback Buying

There are many types of guaranteed rental schemes within the international property arena, but the French leaseback scheme which dates back to the 1980’s, could be described as the ‘mother’ of all schemes. It is not simply a short-term developers’

Leaseback Property in France

A means by which when buying property in France you can save nearly 20% of the purchase price and have most of the mortgage paid for you.