Normandy Property in the Eure

Normandy Property in the Eure

An overview of Real Estate in the Eure

The Eure is département 27 in France and takes its name from the river that flows through it before joining the Seine at Pont de l’Arche. It is an area rich in chateaux, abbeys and picturesque countryside and contains an area of forest and marsh protected as the Parc Naturel Régional de Brotonne. Its proximity to Paris makes it an ideal location for a second home as low cost airlines offer numerous flights to Paris. The most convenient ferry ports to access the Eure are Dieppe, Le Havre and Ouistreham.

The département is a largely wooded plateau cut by the valleys of the river Seine and its tributaries. The département does not have any coastline but benefits from unspoilt countryside, forests, and small-medium sized towns that have kept their charm and character. The north-east part of the département, near Paris, has some spectacular tourist attractions, such as the Chateau-Gaillard near the Andelys and Claude Monet’s house and garden at Giverny. The north-west that borders with the Calvados département is home to the famous Abbey of Bec at Le Bec-Hellouin. The picturesque town of Pont-Audemer, known as ‘the Venice of Normandy’ for its houses built on the water’s edge can also be found here, aswell as the marshland of the Marais-Vernier and the national park Parc Naturel Regional de Brotonne. To the south-west is Bernay and picturesque Broglie, with its beautiful water gardens, and in the south-east lies the capital of the Eure, Evreux with its magnificent gothic cathedral.

The Eure is relatively undiscovered by the British, who are more commonly drawn to the Western départements of Normandy. However, there are many second homes in this area, most of them Parisian-owned as the Eure is in such close proximity to Paris. In fact, many commuters choose to live in the eastern-most part of the Eure and work in Paris.

The north-east part of the Eure is one of the most expensive places to buy property in the département, due to its close proximity with Paris. A one-bedroomed apartment in the town of Vernon, near Giverny will set you back around 120,000 euros, whereas a 3-bedroomed house in Giverny with land will cost you around 480,000 euros. Around Les Andelys, you need to allow around 300,000 euros for a 3 or 4-bedroomed house with land.

In the north-west, a typical Norman-style residence in the Marais Vernier with 5 bedrooms and vast amounts of land is on the market for 355,000 euros whereas a townhouse in Pont-Audemer with 4 bedrooms and a small courtyard garden is priced at 181,000 euros.

Down in the South-West, around Broglie, typical Norman-stlye cottages with 3 bedrooms and land are on the market for about 200,000 euros.

In the capital of the département, Evreux, a two-bedroomed apartment in the centre of Evreux will set you back around 120,000 euros, whereas a three-bedroomed house with land on the outskirts of Evreux will cost you 273,000 euros.

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