French organisation welcomes English members

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According to its own website, the organisation AVF helps newcomers to an area if one islooking for useful addresses, practical information, contact with people of all nationalities“.

The first local AVFs were created in 1963, and have increased in number so that today there are around 350, and, nation-wide, the AVF associations have over 80 000 members.

The AVF is one of the most important social and cultural associations in France. Local branches often work alongside town councils, other associations, and various public and private organizations.

They are a tremendous source of help and one of the best vehicles for integration into your local community.

In Deux-Sevres, the three local associations are as follows:

Niort – supporting all communes within l’aggromeration de Niort
131 avenue of Lattre de Tassigny
BP 186
79000 NIORT
05 49 09 58 47
The group holds informal meetings over coffee for new arrivals.

Parthenay – supporting communes within the Pays de Gatine
House of Associations
Tower of Mara
street Blaise Pascale
05 49 71 05 57
e-mail: [email protected]

St Maixent l’Ecole –
Soft building Winter
Tel.: 05 49 76 14 78
e-mail: [email protected]

You can find out more about AVF both nationally and locally by visiting the following website:

AVF national site

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