Metal Magic – Ironwood Motif

Image not found.Ironwood Motif – using metals alongside the wood, stone and tiles traditionally found in the area to create vibrant living and working environments.

Do you:

  • dream of covering that hot spot outside the house with a shady veranda?
  • long for a cool seat on a sunny summer afternoon beneath a vine covered pergola?
  • want to enclose your property but want something a bit different by way of gates and fencing?
  • need to create more covered space outside the house for eating & entertaining?
  • imagine your garden looking good summer and winter enhanced by fascinating ‘garden art’?

Ever thought of metal for creating all of the above and more besides, in your home & garden?
No? Then think again!

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Metal is strong and durable so is excellent for creating larger structures.

At the same time it can be worked to produce fine, delicate and decorative pieces and works of art.

Metal looks good painted, buffed, brushed, waxed or simply left to age.

It is versatile and has remarkable properties and can be drawn out, formed, machined, cast, laminated, hammered, inlaid, etched, punched, split, rolled, bent, chased, spun, welded, riveted, collared…and much more.

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With over 25 years experience of working with this fascinating material, David Low of Ironwood Motif, creates unique, hand crafted large or small decorative & functional metal pieces for inside and outside.

Image not found.Taking your ideas and combining them with our inspiration and expertise we can create original designs that add new dimensions to your garden and a touch of originality to your home.

From a grand pergola to petite pot-holder, from a large sculpture to delicate wall sconce, from eye catching entrance gates to a simple door frame each piece is uniquely different from the last and the next.

Take a look at our website for more information and photos of some our latest commissions in France.
We offer highly personalised services including ideas for your project, a detailed design and a firm quote.

To discuss your ideas contact us:
Tel/fax: 00 33 (0)5 65 30 53 99
Email: [email protected]

David Low, with his partner Lindsay Nixon, also run garden creation and maintenance services as part of Ironwood Motif.

&copy Lindsay Nixon 2005

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