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How to buy and run your second home in France



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French Author gives advice…

The former Chateau of the Comtesse de Segur, famous writer of children’s books in the 19th Century, is certainly an appropriate place for a 21st Century writer to live. Genevieve Brame, author of ‘Living and Working in France – Chez Vous En France’, is fortunate to have an appartment in the chateau grounds in the lovely Normandy countryside. I was fortunate to spend a pleasant lunch with her and to take the opportunity to ask her what advice she would give to second home owners in France.

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How we bought our holiday home in France

I’ve been with Nigel for eight years; married for the past two and a half, second marriages for both of us. We loved France and Germany and romanticised about living abroad, a little ‘Pie in the Sky’ venture, possibly a restaurant or a B&B. It was a nice day dream -then we had a bombshell.

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Buying a holiday home in France …?

A holiday home in France is a great idea but like all good things, it takes some planning and a little effort to make it work. Here are a few practical tips to help you get the most out of your maison secondaire

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Just a Minute!

Old timers… that is they have had a second home in France for some time …! Pam and David Tillotson tell us about their 15 years of being maison secondairers…

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Your holiday home garden

I apologise to Voltaire for using his famous quote from Candide! It is a phrase we often use when thinking about France and getting away from the hustle and bustle of London. Not that we don’t have a garden in London – a standard 90 footer in fact- but in Normandy we have acquired three quarters of an acre. It is popularly called in our family the Fantasy Field ….

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Doing up your Maison Secondaire

One thing is certain when looking for a maison secondaire …you can get really carried away with the choice of properties … and even more their POTENTIAL. When we were really seriously starting to discuss what we could do with a vast mill complex, I realised that it just had to stop. Doing it up would be a lifetime’s work. Doing it up at about 6 weeks a year would take longer than a lifetime …

Hints! First thoughts on buying that second home.

You would think that one home is enough for anyone, but owning a second home has been a popular dream for generations. Many may be content with a caravan by the sea, but for a growing number that it just not enough …they want a house or apartment and they want it in France. But before you jump in your car and head off to estate agents, stop and think. What do you really want? Will it be a delight …or a millstone?