Electricity Free Sewage Treatment Plants


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Electricity Free Sewage Treatment Plants
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A non-electric sewage treatment plant is commonly called a compact filter, a designation approved and given by the French Ministries of Ecology and Health. This system treats effluent from homes not connected to the mains.

Tricel’s electricity-free sewage treatment plant is the compact filter Seta Simplex. This compact filter includes a primary settlement compartment for the primary treatment of the wastewater, and a filter bed compartment for secondary treatment. It treats the wastewater autonomously and without electricity.

Sewage Treatment Plants (Microstations) and Compact Filters: What’s The Difference?

A sewage treatment plant (microstation in French) and a compact filter are both part of the “compact” solution for treating wastewater, indeed the footprint and the percolation area required (if any) is much smaller than traditional systems.

Although they might look very similar from the outside, the way they treat the wastewater differs.

  • The small sewage treatment plant is a compact, high-performance system that requires electricity to operate.
  • The compact filter is a system uses coco fibre to treat the wastewater. It is an autonomous system, because it does not need electricity to operate. Therefore, it is recommended for secondary home. Read more about it here.

More About The Electricity Free Sewage Treatment Plant

A non-electric sewage treatment plant is a compact filter. It is composed of a primary settlement compartment for the primary treatment of the wastewater, and a filter bed compartment for secondary treatment.

How does a compact filter work: Tricel Seta Simplex

how does a compact filter work – example of Tricel Seta Simplex

1st phase: Primary treatment

Primary treatment takes place in the Primary Settlement compartment, where the wastewater from sinks, showers, toilets enter… The Primary Settlement compartment slows the effluent’s velocity, allowing solids and heavy sludge to settle at the bottom of the tank, while lighter substances (fats) float to the top of the tank to create a scum. The prefilter fixed at the end of the Primary Settlement compartment prevents solids/scum passing thorough to the Filter bed compartment. Anaerobic bacteria, naturally present in the effluent, develop in the Primary Compartment and liquefy sludge and solids by digesting the organic components they contain.

2nd phase : Secondary treatment

The pre-treated effluent then proceeds to the filter bed. The primary treated effluent is then evenly dispersed by a bespoke dispersion system ensuring the equal distribution of effluent over the entire filter bed, thus guaranteeing the optimum treatment of the wastewater. Tricel Seta Simplex compact filter technology is made of coconut fibre (“coir”), which serves both as a filtering medium and bacterial support. Coconut fibre is a generic term for the natural plant fibre which, made of fibrous mesocarp, surrounds and protects the coconut. These fibres are lignin-rich, which gives them great rigidity, makes them resistant to water and gives them excellent resistance to decomposition – resulting in a long lifespan.

coconut fibre used in the Tricel Seta Simplex compact filter

As the effluent passes down through the coconut fibres, it undergoes two types of secondary treatment:

  • physical filtration thanks to the coconut fibre, and
  • biological purification, mainly thanks to the aerobic bacterial flora that develops there naturally. Anaerobic bacteria also kill nitrates.

At the outlet of the compact filter, the wastewater has been treated in accordance with current legislation in force and may discharge to the sewer network.

Advantages of the Compact Filter

  • Eligible for the zero-rate loan (Prêt à taux zéro (PTZ))
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Passive: does not need electricity to operate
  • Ecological: natural coconut fiber media filter
  • Simple: delivered ready to install, no adjustment required
  • Robust: designed to last more than 20 years
  • Universal: adapted to secondary or main residences

Tricel Seta Simplex compact filter is suitable for individual applications for permanent use (main residence) and for intermittent use (secondary house/holiday home). It is also adapted for “small communities” such as restaurants, hotels, campsites, group dwellings etc. The technologies on which it is built, provide users with exceptional reliability and lowest maintenance costs.

View the Tricel Seta Simplex brochure here or get a quote here.

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