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Tricel Novo Microstation Available in France
By Tricel

Looking for a sewage treatment solution for your home in France? Tricel’s Novo Microstation is a great option to consider. Here’s what you need to know.

Tricel Novo FR6 Microstation

The Tricel Novo FR6 small sewage treatment plant is Tricel’s bestseller. Popular with many individuals, professionals and communities, it can treat wastewater from homes of 1 to 6 Population Equivalent.

Available with primary settling volumes (the “septic tank” part) of 1600 litres for the FR6/3000 or 2400 litres for the FR6/4000 to ensure very spaced emptying frequencies, it covers all the needs of private homes up to 6 PE.

What you need to know about the Tricel Novo FR6 Microstation

“Simple, Robust and Reliable” are the three words that best define the Tricel Novo FR6 small sewage treatment plant.

This “microstation” does not alter your land: it is compact and easy to install.

It is also lightweight, making it easy to transport. One or two days are enough to install it. The work area being reduced, your land/garden is preserved and you do not lose as much space for the effluents treatment as with a traditional system (septic tank).

The Tricel Novo FR6 is also available with a total tank volume of only 3000L for smaller homes or extremely small spaces.

Beyond its undeniable manufacturing quality, the Tricel Novo FR6 microstation has many other advantages:

  • High-end equipment (air compressor by the Japanese Brand Nitto Kohki)
  • Delivered ready to use (all settings are done in the factory)
  • Operating costs reduced to a minimum (4-5€/month)
  • Traceability: all installed microstations are monitored by our headquarters in Naintré (dept 86)
  • Tricel has more than 15 years of experience in non-collective sanitation and about 25 000 devices installed throughout Europe.
  • Single tank, easy to install and maintain
  • Quiet and odourless

How Does the Tricel Novo Microstation Work?

The Tricel Novo FR6 microstation is based on the technology of wastewater treatment by fixed culture. This technology is well known for its very good treatment performance and its excellent behaviour on load variations.

Thanks to its self-regulating process, composed of a bacterial bed combined with a sludge recirculation system, the Tricel Novo FR6 allows you to treat overload when you have friends at home, as well as long periods of underload or no load without the flora degrading.

View the Tricel Novo brochure here or watch the video below for more information.

Need Advice on Sewage Treatment Systems in France?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tricel or use the contact form below.

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