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Another side to Champagne

It’s not just the chance to drink this world famous wine on location that makes Champagne worth a visit. For those who want to get back to nature, the region’s forests, meadows and lakes provide endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Here’s our pick from the Marne and Aube departments… Make

Top 5 French walking destinations

In this article, walking leader William Armstrong takes us on a mini-tour of France, visiting some beautiful but less travelled French regions where you can still escape from the crowds. But shh, don’t tell anyone!


Activity ideas in the mountains of France

When thinking about summer holidays in France, rustic villages and turquoise swimming pools doubtless spring to mind. Florence Derrick serves up ten holiday ideas which prove that France’s mountains shouldn’t be overlooked as a summer destination…

Discovering wines on foot

Wine tours are becoming increasingly popular, but drinking and driving is never a good combination, so how best to navigate between French vineyards and still enjoy a taste or two? Inntravel believe that a self-guided walking holiday is the answer.

Walking holiday safety and equipment

Whether it’s the first time you’ve been on a walking holiday, or you need a reminder of what you will need to take, have a look at our essential guide to packing for a walking holiday in France.

…And check it before you leave, to ensure you don’t leave a crucial basic behind!

Why go on a walking holiday

There are many great reasons to go on a walking holiday in France from the health benefits to the opportunity to enjoy the scenery off-route. Here are our top ten…

Going on a walking holiday in France

Walking holidays are becoming increasingly popular in France; this is evident from the rise in walking groups and walking holiday tour operators. Whether a beginner or pro trekker, walkers in France are spoilt for great walks.

Walking holidays for Francophiles

Tired of impersonal tours which only seem to skim the surface? Want a walking holiday that goes beyond the crowded tourist trails to unearth an authentic French feel? William Armstrong from High Point Holidays gives us some top tips.

Mountain walking holidays in France

Immerse yourself in your surroundings on a walking holiday. With the Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Centrale, Jura and the mountain ranges in Morvan, the Vosges and Corsica, France has a lot of mountains to choose from!

Donkey treks in France

If you want to try something a little different, what about a walking holiday with a donkey? These gentle creatures have been a desirable travelling companion for milennia, providing baggage transport, amusement and a sense of security.

Day hikes, organised trips or freedom with a tent

When booking up to go on a walking holiday, there are numerous choices for the difficulty level of the routes, whether you will have a guide or be self-guided, and the type of accommodation you will stay in. You will also need to decide whether you want to book all the elements for the trip yourself, or have everything organised by a tour operator, on your behalf. We review your options.

Up for a challenge?

The infamous GR20, across central Corsica: this incredible experience will take you through breathtaking and diverse scenery, to beauty spots which can only be reached on foot. It is reputed to be the hardest but most spectacular hike in Europe. Read on to find out what to expect and get some tips from Sarah Quee, who helps run Tour Adventure’s GR20 trips.

Walking holidays with children

Children’s needs are very different depending on their age, which affects what they are capable of in terms of walking and hiking. A child’s age and maturity determine the quantities of food and drink they need to consume and the distances they can walk.