Excellence in British Education – Mougins School on the Côte d’Azur



Excellence in British Education – Mougins School on the Côte d’Azur

Mougins School is a British international school located in the heart of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. Founded in 1964, the school offers an international education for children aged three to 18. Mougins’ teaching programme closely follows the English National Curriculum, following the five different key stages of learning, culminating in IGCSE and A-level examinations. With over 40 nationalities represented at the school, students benefit from the international experience of their teachers and fellow students.

Pupils are welcomed each day into a warm and friendly environment where they enjoy interacting with their peers and the staff. The school community, made up of committed parents, students, teachers and support staff, works together to foster a spirit of collaboration within the school, and to inspire a lifelong love of learning among students.

The Campus

The school boasts a beautiful campus surrounded by woodland and gardens, and classes are regularly taken outdoors. Students benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities which include classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, a specialised arts and music building, science labs, sports facilities including a synthetic football pitch and indoor gymnasium, a well-stocked library and an excellent canteen.

Mougins primary activities © Mougins

Extracurricular Activities

Recognising that every student has potential beyond traditional academic success, the school offers a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities including sports teams, drama club, music clubs, and more. In addition, sport, music, art and theatre form an integral part of the curriculum day to day. These subjects encourage self-confidence, teamwork, originality and creativity, all characteristics which contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals.

Four Key Principles

Teaching and learning at Mougins British International School are underpinned by four key principles. These are:

Enrich: Through a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond the purely academic, students engage with a deeper experience of the world. For example, the school runs a ‘Thrive’ programme in parallel to its outstanding Primary and Secondary curriculum. Designed to encourage students to develop passions and interests that exist outside of traditional academics, the school offers enriching activities linked to themes of The Self, The Thinker, The Creative and The Community. Activities include LEGO® Education robotics, creative writing, justice and the law, music ensembles, yoga and more.

Challenge: A great education equips a student to face challenges confidently and manage failure with tenacity and resilience. As a member of Globeducate, students regularly participate in inter-school competitions ranging from the WWF-Globeducate Wildlife Quiz, the Academic Olympics, and Model United Nations.

Shape: Mougins School inspires every student to contribute to a more just and sustainable world through their unique talents. Students of all ages are encouraged to take on leadership roles, where they learn how to make their voices heard, to speak up for their peers, and to work with different stakeholders. This helps students to achieve agency, and an active and vital understanding of their own ability to shape their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Achieve: The school empowers students to discover what achievement means for them, and to achieve the highest qualifications and richest experience available in pursuit of success as a foundation for fulfilling lives. Sixth form is a crucial time for students to make important decisions for their future, and a team of sixth form mentors – including a dedicated university counsellor – are on hand to provide advice and support as part of the school’s Futureproof Programme.

Mougins science outdoor learning © Mougins

Mougins School, a proud member of Globeducate

Mougins British International School is a member of Globeducate, one of the leading K-12 international education groups in the world – a network of 55 premium bilingual and international schools, as well as online programmes, educating 28,000 students in nine countries.

Globeducate British International Schools are present in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Each school teaches a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond the academic to encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of the world. At Mougins School, as in all GBIS schools, students shape tomorrow through excellence in British education, with a global perspective.

Mougins British International School
615 Avenue Maurice Donat
006250 Mougins
[email protected]

Lead photo credit : Mougins campus © Mougins

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