Shaping Global Citizens at the International School of Nice



Shaping Global Citizens at the International School of Nice

How can you be sure you’re choosing the best education for your child? Today, K-12 schools must help students develop knowledge and skills that go beyond the classroom. As a member of Globeducate, one of the world’s leading premium bilingual and international schools groups with more than 55 schools and online programmes in nine countries, The International School of Nice has a mission to prepare each student to be a global citizen who can shape the world. Building on a fundamental belief in the importance of sharing the value of intercultural understanding and global engagement, the school is part of an inclusive, dynamic, international network that prepares students for the world of tomorrow.

ISN Nice has been a leading light in international education on the French Riviera for over 40 years. It is an accredited, co-educational, IB World School for children aged three to 18 in the Cannes-Nice-Monaco region. Students learn in English, and also benefit from daily French classes from age five upwards. With more than 65 nationalities represented in the student body (of which around 20% are from anglophone countries), and 30 nationalities represented by staff, the school is truly a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds.

Children plying at ISN © ISN Nice

A Future-proof Education

One of the driving principles at ISN Nice is to shape ‘life-ready’ graduates. From Early Years to High School, students benefit from a future-proof education with a holistic approach designed to prepare them for university and beyond. With an enriching STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), outdoor learning spaces, university counselling and a dedicated pastoral team, ISN Nice students flourish as confident and capable global citizens.

The school has introduced three new initiatives this year: “Changemakers”, “The Essentials”, and a partnership with Arts International UK. “Changemakers” offers a choice of specialities such as creating a start-up, design thinking, youth activism, coding, an Eco-club and more, for all ISN Nice students to explore and develop talents and abilities in non-traditional academic subjects. This encourages students to become active, engaged and visionary Changemakers, who use learning concepts in innovative ways.

Primary students © ISN

“The Essentials” is a life skills programme which is embedded into the curriculum and daily life of the school, and it goes far beyond a traditional PSHE (personal, social, health education) class. “The Essentials” at ISN Nice takes an innovative approach to student wellbeing and their physical and emotional health, broaching topics such as social media use, understanding mental health, first aid, financial literacy and study skills.

Arts International, a highly respected Arts education organisation based out of London, is a performing arts programme that teaches students to find their voice. The programme builds confidence, presence, articulation, and self-expression through drama, with the highlight being West-End actors coming to the school to teach the students throughout the year. As part of the Globeducate ICS cluster of IB schools, ISN Nice is teaming up with ICS London and ICS Milan for a Carnevale event and a ‘Shaping the World’ show in the summer.

ISN Theatre © ISN

An International Family

Being a member of Globeducate exposes ISN Nice students to further exclusive partnerships, opportunities and programmes. Throughout the year, students can participate in events such as the Globeducate Academic Olympics, Model United Nations, the International Music Festival, and Visual Arts Competitions. Furthermore, students have access to an exclusive partnership with WWF, which includes taking part in group-wide online summits, debates and a unique Globeducate – WWF Festival of Sustainability. They also enjoy dedicated outdoor learning days, and exciting STEAM initiatives such as working with LEGO® Education to integrate robotics and coding into the curriculum.

All Globeducate schools are dedicated to preparing this generation for jobs that have not yet been created, for technologies that have not yet been invented, and to solve problems that have not yet been anticipated. At ISN Nice, students learn how to play their part in shaping the future; how to tackle the unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges that are reshaping our global communities.

ISN Nice Banner © ISN

The International School of Nice
15 Av. Claude Debussy 06200 Nice
[email protected]

Lead photo credit : ISN student © ISN Nice

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