Get Covered: 4 Essential French Insurance Policies



Get Covered: 4 Essential French Insurance Policies

Taking out insurance to cover your healthcare, home, or car is not just about peace of mind—in many cases, it can be a legal requirement for second-home owners or expats living in France. Whether securing your property and assets against unforeseen events or ensuring you and your family are protected—here are the four essential French insurance policies that you need.

Home Insurance

If you own a French property, taking out a comprehensive Buildings & Contents Insurance is the best way to protect your home and possessions against unforeseen events. In France, normally an attestation of insurance is required by your notaire at the signing of the Acte de Vente.

Understanding precisely what your policy does and does not cover is crucial, and there may be different requirements if you are a second-home owner, an expat who spends considerable time overseas, or run a gite or chambre d’hote. ASTTRAL will not only be able to advise you on the most suitable policy but will also be there to help handle your claim if anything happens.

Health Insurance

Expats moving to France depending on their individual case and eligibility can request to register in the French healthcare system and apply for a Carte Vitale (the French healthcare card), but it is also a good idea to take out a mutuelle or top-up health insurance policy. These mutuelle policies depending on the level taken out, will make up the cost differences between what the French state pays and the actual cost of the treatment.

Getting the right mutuelle for your needs is essential, whether you are retired, have ongoing health concerns, need a family policy, or want to save on glasses and eye care. If you’re not resident in France but are planning to visit on a long-stay visa, you’ll also need private health cover—ASTTRAL can advise you on that too.

Car Insurance

If you own a car, caravan, or other vehicle in France, you will need car insurance, but knowing which to choose is not always as simple as it seems. Whether you’re a young driver, retired, or regularly take your car with you overseas, it’s important to find the right (and the most cost-effective) policy for you.

Do you need third-party or comprehensive coverage? Should you take out extra options such as breakdown assistance or a replacement car service? Can you keep your No Claims bonus from your overseas insurance policy when you move to France? ASTTRAL can help you find the right solution and the best deal.

Life Insurance

There is some confusion over the insurance term “Life Insurance” for some expats, ASTTRAL explains it as follows:

Life insurance / Assurance Deces

This type of policy is often used for the two reasons mentioned below.

  • By a lender for property purchases
  • By an individual to provide a lump sum on their death to a nominated beneficiary

Life Insurance / Assurance Vie

These can be taken by French residents and are tax effective solutions for savings and investments.  ASTTRAL can offer options but should not be confused with Assurance Deces.

Ready to Take Out French Insurance?

Get in touch with ASTTRAL to discuss your options with our multilingual insurance brokers, start your application for French insurance, and get a quote.

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