Anchaud Charcuterie:Anchaud Périgourdin
Bought from: This one’s from my local butchers, who only use free-range pork in their charcuterie.
Price: €16.50 a kilo
Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, garlic, herbs, seasoning.
Region produced in: There are regional variations of anchaud, anchaud Périgourdin comes from Périgord.

What is it?:
It is a rolled pork joint, cooked slowly in either its own fat or goose fat. Herbs and garlic are rolled into the joint. The fat it is cooked in causes a kind of osmosis, leaving the pork soft and tender, not fatty or greasy. The fat also prevents moisture from leaving the meat, which is why it is so succulent.

At first sight, this dish looks dry and uninteresting. It couldn’t be more different. The texture is smooth and delicate, the garlic and herbs infused thoroughly into the meat, making it tasty and moreish.

Traditionally served cold, with mayonnaise and a few leaves, anchaud is ideal to serve for lunch in spring and early summer.

© Gemma Driver 2008

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