Don’t Get Caught Out!

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There are regulations in France for burning garden waste during the summer. It is illegal to burn waste from 1st July up to the beginning of September – exact dates can vary from area to area – if in doubt check with your local Mairie!

This is to help avoid unnecessary fires across the region especially with everything as dry as it is already… and our neighbour discovered the hard way only yesterday, which is what prompted me to do a brief article on the subject. He was clearly not prepared. Luckily we have a good hose system linked to our well! I really don’t want to think of what might have happened had we not been at home. Fire can spread so quickly in dry conditions and especially on breezy days as it was yesterday – I think he was trying to get the last bit done before the ban comes into place. His small buckets of water were just not enough to keep the fire from spreading.

•With thanks to Miranda Bell

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