Equestrian Winter Vocabulary: Rugs, Clips, Stables

Equestrian Winter Vocabulary: Rugs, Clips, Stables
With the nights drawing in, thoughts will invariably be turning to how to help your horses survive the Normandy rain and the mud that is the unfortunate downside of being blessed with great grazing for the majority of the year. Check out our handy vocabulary to help you when shopping for those essential items to keep your horse cosy in the coming months.


Stable blanket – Couverture d’écurie. If you are looking for a quilted version then look for one that is ‘doudoune
Outdoor rug/New Zealand rug – couverture de paddock or couverture extérieur. Can also be called a chemise imperméable
Waterproof – imperméable

Shoulder panels – soufflets d’aisance

Leg straps – courroies de cuisses

Crossed surcingle – sursangle croisé bas

Neck cover – couvre-cou

Fleecy rug – Chemise polaire (often doubles up as a sweatrug and an underblanket)
Sweat rug – chemise séchante

Summer sheet – chemise coton

Excercise sheet – couvre reins

Surcingle – sursangle or surfaix


Clippers – tondeuses

Set of blades – Jeu de peignes

Hand clippers – tondeuse à mains

Clipper spray – spray lubrifiant

Clipper oil – huile pour tondeuse

Trace clip – tonte de trait

Hunter clip – tonte de chasse

Blanket clip – tonte de course ou en manteau

Full clip – tonte totale.


Screw-in studs – crampons à visser

Square head – tête carrée

Oblong head – tête obus

Scraper – grattoir

Key – Clé a crampon

Field shelters and stabling:

Field shelter – abri

Stable – boxe

Yard – écurie

Barn – barn or grange

Hangar – hangar

Winter ailments

Mud fever – gâle de boue

Cough – toux

Respiratory – respiratoire

Peta Morton


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