When are you entitled to free universal healthcare CMU?

When are you entitled to free universal healthcare CMU?

You may have to pay for basic CMU Couverture Maladie Universelle. The rules are clearly stated on the application form S3710c which you have to complete when you make application for basic CMU at your CPAM Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie.

The rules
The following is a free translation of the rules appearing on form 3710c (downloadable on both www.ameli.fr and www.cmu.fr ) :

Basic CMU is free:

*if your revenu fiscal de référence (RFR) is less than an annual income threshold, which is updated annually (9534 euros effective from 1/10/2013 to 30/09/2014)
*or if you have the right to complementary CMU or to State aid to help buy top up insurance l’Aide pour une Complémentaire Santé (ACS).

Basic CMU is charged for:

*If your revenu fiscal de référence (RFR) is greater than an income threshold which is updated annually. Then your annual payment is calculated as follows:

8% x (RFR less 9534) euros payable quarterly to URSSAF Union de Recrouvrement des Cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d’Allocations Familiales

where RFR = your revenue fiscal de référence, is a figure computed by the French tax authority and shown on your last avis d’imposition

and 9534 euros, effective from 1/10/2013 till 30/9/2014 is a total allowance for your fiscal household and is automatically updated annually once a year.

Additional Information

1.If you have to pay for basic CMU, you must be up to date with your 3 monthly URSSAF payments in order to continue to receive basic CMU health reimbursements.

2.Basic CMU is reviewed annually by your CPAM.

3.If, as a result of your application, your CPAM offer you basic CMU, then you are obliged to accept it.

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