Learn French: your essential vocabulary lists

Learn French: your essential vocabulary lists

For anyone trying to learn French or hoping to communicate better in France, this page is the place to search our many useful French glossaries on a wide range of topics, from living in France to what to say at the hotel on holiday in France.


Texting in France

Writing a letter in French

Talking about the French weather

Phrases for an emergency in France

French words of love and intimacy

Season’s greetings and more

Common French proverbs

Common abbreviations

How to say ‘sorry’ in French

French indirect object pronouns

Getting around

Asking directions in France

Driving in France

Public transport in France

At the train station in France


Going to school in France

First day at school in France

In your French home

Calling a plumber or electrician in France

Connecting your phone in France

Setting up broadband in France

Tools and DIY terms in France

Gardening, plants and flowers in French

At the garden centre in France

Useful French insurance vocabulary



Going to the dentist in France

At the doctor’s in France

Taking your pet to the vet in France


Golf in France

At the French gym

Winter sports in France

Boating holidays in France

Visiting a spa in France

French equine/equestrian phrases

Points of the horse in French

Shopping and holidays

Buying groceries in France

Clothes shopping in France

Shopping online in France

Returning faulty goods in France

At the hotel in France

French fashion vocabulary

Practicalities of French life

At the French post office

Opening a French bank account

At the French bank

In the French hair salon

Food and drink

French cuts of meat

French seafood vocab

French wine terms

French sauces

Herbs and spices


French property glossary

Buying a house in France vocab

French legal terms

Energy, environment and eco-homes in France

If you have a glossary on any subject that you’d like us to provide, please let us know in the comments box below.

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