Burgundy truffles…

Burgundy truffles…

Discover Burgundy’s mouthwatering truffle treasures

If you are one of most people who mistakenly think that it is only possible to find truffles in Périgord think again! One of the best truffles in the world is found in the heart of Burgundy.

And do you know that until the “Renaissance” the only truffle served and accepted on the king’s table was the Burgundy truffle !!! The taste for the truffle of Périgord developped later in the reign of François I.

Burgundy truffle or “Tuber uncinatum” is appreciated for its deep, incomparable scent of undergrowth and its taste of walnuts that give it a reputation of quality.

In the Yonne department it is even possible to visit and hunt for truffles in a “truffière” (places where truffles grow) with specially trained dogs and why not go to a wonderful restaurant in Auxerre, to discover truffle cuisine Jean-Luc Barnabet’s restaurant It has earned one star in the Michelin Guide.

Paradise really does exist when you crunch into the Burgundy truffle, liberating its duo of smooth and sophisticated aromas.

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