Fancy a Burgundy kir?

Fancy a Burgundy kir?

Burgundy blackcurrants

Blackcurrants (cassis in french) are good for the health, thanks to their fibre content and vitamins C and E. It is often used to make jams or jelly but is frequently found in burgundian gastronomy (poires au cassis : pear with blackcurrant cream ; tarte au cassis : blackcurrant tart, roast young wild boar with blackcurrant…).

A typical speciality is “Blanc’cass” also called “Kir” which is the following cocktail :

1/5 Crème de Cassis liquer + 4/5 Aligoté (1/5 blackcurrant cream + 4/5 Aligoté Wine).

The famous “Crème de Cassis” was invented in Dijon during the XVII century by the wine house Lejay-Lagoutte, a liqueur producer who macerated blackcurrant berries with alcohol before adding sugar. The Crème de Cassis became rapidly successful in the “Bistrots” in Paris where it was drunk with white wine, “et voilà” Blanc’ cass was born. In the 70’s the Blanc’cass was called “Kir” to pay tribute to the Cannon Kir, former mayor of Dijon who made the Blanc’cass, the official drink of its cocktail parties at the town hall.

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