More mulch, fruit trees and caterpillar and aphid control

More mulch, fruit trees and caterpillar and aphid control

The grass is growing rapidly but when you mow the lawn, do not cut too close to the ground. Use the cuttings as mulch but before applying the mulch, firm the tree, bush or rose bush back into the ground as strong wind could have partially lifted it out of the ground.

Also, check all your trees with straps as the wind will have caused movement and the straps may be rubbing through the bark.

Because of the weather, I have noticed that some of my fruit trees are flowering again, which means they will produce fruit, above the existing growing fruit. Stop this by “pinching the second crop out.”

Cherries are ready for picking, but any that have fallen need raking up, as they only attract wasps and ants.

Caterpillars, black and white fly, as well as slugs, snails and earwigs are in abundance this year, so check your plants every few days for bugs or one morning you will find that your plant has been eaten.

For caterpillars and aphids use a mild solution of washing up liquid and spray the leaves, top and underside, and if the leaf is curled, inside, this usually works and it is eco friendly.

By Mike Curtis, An English Nursery in France; 00 33 (0)5 46 33 66 17

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