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French postal service La Poste

While La Poste provides anciliary services like banking and insurance, the primary function of the French postal service remains to distribute mail. Letters for destinations within France usually arrive the next day provided they are posted by the cut-off time

Electricity in France

The main supplier of electricity to domestic homes in France is EDF (Electricité de France) which is state owned. Other electricity providers include CNR (Compagnie nationale du Rhône) and Endesa (through SNET). EDF now have an English language page on their website and English speaking staff.

Electricity tariffs in France

There are three options for electricity tariffs, Base, Heures Creuses and Tempo. Base is a set price per kWh depending on the power supply, which can be from 3 – 36 kVA. Most properties which opt for this option choose either 6 or 9 kVA. The higher powers are usually for someone running business machinery.

Electrical system in France ©Raland

French Electrical Systems

The standard domestic electricity supply in France is single phase 230 volts, 50Hz. What makes life more interesting is the fact that you can choose your level of power supply. Read our useful guide about electricity supply in France…

3 – Phase Electricity Supplies

For a domestic dwelling the standing charges by EDF for a 3-phase supply can be higher than that of single phase, but where there is a large load requirement it is often the only practical solution.

Options for Heating your House in France

Lot resident Tim Atkins shares some of his research and experiences of trying to decide the best and cheapest way to heat his French home. With tax credits of 50% now being offered on wood burning stoves, together with reduced TVA rates of 5.5% instead of the normal 19.6%, they could be an attractive option…

Solar Heating in France

Lot resident and regular Forum contributor Papibryn shares some of the results of his research into alternative energy solutions for homes in south west France. In this article he outlines the options for solar heating.

Utility Companies

Here is a list of telephone numbers and websites for the main gas, electricity, water and telecom service providors in Brittany.