Rare Shakespeare folio discovered in France

A First Folio edition of William Shakespeare plays has been found in a library in Saint-Omer, where it had remained undiscovered for 200 years. Medieval literature expert Rémy Cordonnier was responsible for the book’s discovery at the Bibliothèque de l’Agglomération

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New EU succession regulations raise concerns

French inheritance law is substantially different from the position in the UK. After much debate on the new EU succession regulations effective August 2015 it is still a fact that owning assets in another jurisdiction increases legal and tax complexity.

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Settling into French life

Working as a property finder, people often ask Jacqueline how easy it is to settle into French life. She finds inspiration in Lynn, who took to her new life in France like a duck to water.

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Top tips for buying overseas

If you’re buying property in France then you will need to make an international money transfer to move your money from the UK to France. The traditional way of doing this is with a high street bank; however you could

En vacances: the great August hiatus in France

  Go anywhere in France in August and it’s hard to miss; the entire country is en fête. Blue, white and red bunting draped above the roads, geraniums bursting with colour on windowsills, posters on every lamp post heralding upcoming

Shabby chic: French style born in the USA

So many things today are labelled shabby chic. The style is everywhere and usually thought to have originated in France – hence the term ‘French shabby chic‘. It might therefore be surprising to learn that the concept actually began in

Wealth tax in France – get the facts about ISF

  Wealth Tax in France or Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune is an annual tax on the sale value of your assets, based on their value on the 1st January each year. Who is affected? The taxable threshold for

First Siesta Bar opens in Paris

A French twist on a Japanese concept, a restorative pit stop is now available to tired tourists or stressed locals. The location at the Opera area, where there’s plenty of office buildings and huge shopping emporiums like Galeries Printemps or

Art for demolition: Tour 13 in Paris

Street art is short-lived by definition. It fights a losing battle with convention and urban beautification. While not strictly in the street – the art is located inside an apartment building – this collective urban art manifestation will disappear forever

How many names can you give a baby in France?

After the excitement about the name of the new bébé royale across the channel HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, parents in France had a renewed incentive to get creative. Earlier this week the Prime Minister’s office of legal

Too much romance in Paris

Commitment is not always a ball and chain; in Paris it’s a padlock. On the Pont des Arts, thousands of romantic couples lock their promise to the railings of the bridge creating a dilemma for the authorities.

Serenely floating above Paris

Hemingway wrote “wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” In all the many ways to imprint the memory of Paris forever in your life, there’s just been a

Party like it’s 1789

Image Yann Caradec via flickr   Bastille Day on the 14th of July is the celebration of the French National Day, commemorating the oath of July 14th 1790 – exactly a year after the storming of the Bastille – the

Secret white picnic in Paris

This week a peculiar thing happened in Paris. An open public space like a park or a square from one moment to the next filled with tables, chairs, white tablecloths and 11,0000 thousands people dressed in white carrying champagne and

New low-cost TGV (high-speed train) in France

SCNF’s answer to no-frill budget airlines: Ouigo (pronounced We go…get it?). Le Figaro reported that the service initially will operate on the Marseille-Est line that joins Marne la Vallée (where Disneyland Paris is located) with the south of France via