No-Obligation Quotes for Private Health Insurance in France

France has so much to offer – excellent food, culture, climate and general way of life. It is also a country that boasts huge investment on and very high standards of healthcare, which regularly sees it as a leading country worldwide. If you are planning to reside in France long-term there are factors you should consider in case you ever require medical treatment.

To live permanently in France you need some form of cover through health insurance. If you are paying contributions through working in France or hold an S1 form, you qualify for state insurance. Otherwise you will be required to take out private health insurance. Either way, given that in France patients are expected to pay upfront for medical treatment, it is worth seeing whether international insurance may be a good choice for you.

FrenchEntree offers no obligation quotes from Clements Worldwide and BUPA Global. Ask for a Quote to find out more from each of these leading international health insurers.




Clements Worldwide

  • Health insurance with flexible benefits in 170+ countries
  • 65 years of international expertise
  • Unparalleled service and claims handling



Bupa Global

  • Direct access to specialists without family doctor referral
  • Access to 1.3m hospitals and clinics worldwide
  • Same level of cover, at home or away