Chateau in France

Regional Property Guide: Aquitaine

Despite its long and rich history, not many people know of Aquitaine, although many will be familiar with place names such as Biarritz, St.Emilion and Arcachon, or have probably consumed its most famous exports, wine, cognac, and foie gras.


Limousin vs Dordogne: A Regional Property Guide

Property Showdown: In this edition we move down towards the Southwest of France to compare the benefits of buying in two areas of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.  ~Limousin~ This bucolic area at the heart of France boasts a contrasting landscape of verdant countryside,

Traditional Dordogne home in Sarlat

Dordogne Property Guide

The Dordogne has been popular with house-buyers from outside the Hexagon. But there are many things to consider before you buy, so here’s a guide to the different attractions of the Dordogne and points to ponder before you sign on the dotted line.

Gardens of Dordogne: topiary art in Eyrignac

Topiary art, Renaissance statues, parterres and decorative pools make Les Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac one of the most creatively cultivated gardens in the South West. Florence Derrick explores its gorgeous terraces, features and orchards…

Photo Dordogne Perigord Tourisme

Market day in the Dordogne

Market day is important in rural Dordogne – an opportunity to buy fresh food from local producers and catch up on news from friends and neighbours in the area. If you are used to supermarket fruits and vegetables, be prepared to change your shopping habits forever.

Sylvain Machefert

Mais Aux Patrons

In certain towns within the Dordogne region, you may notice a new tree planted or tree branches tacked on to the front of local businesses along with a couple of small tricolore flags and a sign annoucing ‘Honneur’. Find out what it means…

Flocking to Sarlat’s annual goose festival

Sarlat-la-Canéda is the heart of the Dordogne Valley and the capital of the Périgord’s gastronomic specialities: walnuts, black truffles and, most of all, foie gras. Florence Derrick ‘takes a gander’ at the town’s annual celebration of goose-based cuisine, Sarlat en Périgord Fest’Oie

Lalinde from the Bridge by Jacqueline Hanks

French and expat communities in Dordogne

Dordogne has a reputation for being full of Brits and according to official figures, it has a UK expatriate population without equal in France. Why? It is an amazingly beautiful region with lots of space and a healthy property market.

Bergerac wine: Behind the label

Wine expert Chris Skyrme looks at the terroir, grapes and winemaking styles that are giving Begerac’s wine an increasingly good name, from sweet Monbazillac to red Pécharmant.

Moving to France as a family

In February 2011 Katie and her husband Greg moved from Melbourne in Australia to Eymet in the Dordogne with their three children and two dogs in tow. Here she tells FrenchEntree what prompted the move and how the family is getting on so far.

Dordogne chateau

10 Reasons to Buy in Southern Dordogne

Jacqueline Hanks lives in the Bergerac and southern Dordogne area. Here she takes us through its top attractions, from townhouses with colombage to pretty new villas with swimming pools, not to mention excellent transport links and delicious local produce.

Opera singing to soap making

Nia Hafsia left Wales in 2005 to start a business in Bergerac making natural soaps, including varieties such as beetroot & celery, strawberries & Champagne, chestnut & chocolate torte. The opera singer and piano teacher wanted to do something different.

Artists open gallery in Dordogne château

Mike Snow (a painter) and Timothy White (a photographer) moved from the US and opened an art gallery within a château in the Dordogne. In between workshops at their base in Saussignac, Mike sat down to take FrenchEntrée through their journey…

We run a gîte complex near Eymet

Chris and Marian Blake from Wiltshire have a gîte complex, La Petite Auberge, just outside of Eymet in the Dordogne. FrenchEntrée went to meet them in the run up to the start of their seventh season, to find out what they’ve learned about running a business in France and living like the locals.

The music of Sarlat

Sophie Read performs as one half of Paris-Londres – the musical duo that performs in front of the cathedral in Sarlat. Fifteen years ago, Sophie completed her masters at Sussex University and moved to Paris on a whim… Read on to find out how she came to be en Dordogne.

Wine farming in Dordogne

Caroline Feely left her job as an IT consultant in Ireland to pursue her dream of wine farming with husband, Sean, in France. From Château Haut Garrigue – their new base in the Dordogne – the couple juggle the demands of running an organic vineyard and raising their two girls.

Saint Front Cathedrale in Perigueux

Périgueux, Capital of the Périgord

As the capital of the Périgord, there are certain things you’d expect to find in Périgueux (Dordogne). It’s got high street shops, an impressive cathedral, students and some pretty municipal gardens… not to mention Roman ruins and an unusual statue of a peg-leg general.

The Dordogne and Its Caves

Image not found.The famous Dordogne caves (grottes) are situated at various sites throughout the region. Created originally by glaciation and water erosion, they take many forms and are fascinating for all ages.

Specialities from Dordogne

Local fruit and vegetables vary according to season, but confit de canard and foie gras are in constant supply. Obvious accompaniments are truffles and walnuts – both readily available here. The Bergerac wine region ensures there is something good to drink as well.

Bringing British clothes to Bergerac

Stephen Spencer lives with his partner Valerie Faure near Bergerac (Dordogne) and less than six months after his arrival, he opened a shop, So British, in Bergerac’s old town. But prior to that, he had been more used to selling properties than clothes.

Holiday home to permanent home

Charlie and Jules Thackway bought a property in the Dordogne with the intention of using it for holidays. However, the couple found that “the more time we spent here the harder it was to leave…”

From India to Sainte Nathalene via Guernsey!

Not everyone who moves to the Dordogne is at the end of their working life and looking forward to taking it easy. It also has its attractions for those at the other end of the age scale, embarking on a new ‘career’ with a young family. Natalie and Patrick McAlpine have taken just such a step.

Blackbird Fly

Lise McClendon tells us about her novel set in Dordogne… “Several years ago, besotted by the sunshine-and-grape-dream during a long winter in the American Rocky Mountains, I conjured up an idea for a novel…”

Gardening in the Dordogne

“Château de Neuvic”Gardening in France is a very different matter from the UK. Gone is the wealth of advice on radio and television, the yellow-backed books of gardens open to the public…

Buddhism thrives in the Dordogne

The tranquil setting of the Moulin de Chaves offers an oasis of calm in a bustling world. The days start with an early morning call. “This is what we use to wake people up or get them to meals or meditation sessions,” Martin said, as we stood inside a wooden structure with a Japanese roof…

Dordogne Bridge

Is Dordogne France’s safe haven?

Global economic slowdown, inflation, exchange rate misery, failing investments… they are everywhere you look in today’s world. Yet in this tranquil corner of SW France the reverberations of these things seem less important. The region still offers the same great reasons for buying that it always has…

Food and Drink in the Dordogne

Much has been written about great food and wine in France and specifically from the Dordogne. This region is famous for rich cuisine unique to the area. Think of exotic truffles, smooth foie gras, and aromatic walnut oil and you will think of the Dordogne…

illustration of new house

New Homes in the Dordogne


This is the new debate. For a long time it has been the done thing, much to the amusement of the French, for legions of Brits to visit …

From the Home Counties to the Dordogne

“Sandra and John Howard”John and Sandra Howard have been working diligently on their French since moving to the Dordogne a couple of years ago. They don’t find it easy. But they persist, finding mastery of the language indispensable …

House and barn for restoration

Renovation of Your Dordogne Property

There are all sorts of places to buy in the Dordogne but the classic target for British buyers has been the dilapidated old farmhouse with exposed beams and a few hectares of land, needing wholescale restoration to make it a dream home. But there are some indications that things may be changing…

meadow with sign

Buying the Dordogne Dream

“Our very own plot”We’d been back for just two days from our exploratory trip to France before finally deciding that we had to buy the plot of land. It was only the second piece of land we had visited…

Damp outside wall and window

Dealing with Damp in the Dordogne

“Damp on upper floor”The town square in front of our house slopes gently down to where a stream flows underground. Under the slightly raised ground floor there is a cellar with open vents to the pavement outside…

Dordogne wines – treasures to discover

“Autumn, Château Belingard”You may know that the countryside round Bergerac produces wine, but did you know that there are thirteen appellations contrôlées in the region? Here’s a brief guide to them…

Village house

Sarlat Area Property Market

“Farm: €293k”The Périgord Noir is special. With its wooded hills, numerous medieval castles and churches, the broad valley of the Dordogne and the narrower one of the Vézère, and the steep roofs and golden stone of the local architecture, it has beguiled the English for years. It’s not surprising, then…

Cottage in France

Where should I buy my house in the Dordogne?

“Cottage near Rouffignac”Choosing an area to buy into will depend on particular wishes and needs, as well as your own personal taste. I recently met a couple at Bergerac airport who had been looking for a holiday home around Sarlat. I asked them if they liked woods…

Barn for conversion near Ribérac

Ribérac Area Property Market

“Barn for conversion”In 1989 I bought a tumbledown barn between Verteillac and Ribérac for about £35,000 as a holiday home. I spent a year renovating it with the aid of a local architect and local builders. It provided five bedrooms, a bathroom and two shower-rooms. It was heated by …

Stone house near Bergerac: €293,000

Bergerac Area Property Market

“Stone house: 293k”According to Peter Doyle at Century 21 in Bergerac, English buyers represent only 20% of those buying through their agency, spending an average of €200,000 apiece. It’s impossible to predict what they’ll go for, since it varies enormously, according to their needs and wants. However, he has noticed a change over the past decade. “Ten years ago people wanted…