Musée de la Vie Romantique in Paris

France’s Best Museums and Cultural Hotspots

You’re never far from an opportunity to enrich your cultural cachet in France – the country proudly preserves and shares its heritage. Here are a few ideas to inspire your choice of cultural destinations, whether you’re looking for an in-depth


Visit the Villa Cavrois

The story of the former family home of textile industrialist Paul Cavrois, which is due to re-open on June 13, is long and intriguing, and its restoration has been a labour of love which involved considerable investment. Located in the

A First Folio edition of William Shakespeare plays

Rare Shakespeare Folio Discovered in France

A First Folio edition of William Shakespeare plays has been found in a library in Saint-Omer, where it had remained undiscovered for 200 years. Medieval literature expert Rémy Cordonnier was responsible for the book’s discovery at the Bibliothèque de l’Agglomération

Wilfred Owen memorial

Wilfred Owen: Death of a Poet

Having suffered a gas attack, frostbite and shellshock – and chronicled the horrors of the Western Front by letter and in his poems – Wilfred Owen thought he would survive the war…

Taste of the terroir: Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Situated between the sea and the farmlands of the Avesnois and the Monts des Flandres, Nord-Pas de Calais offers an unexpected cuisine which will delight the palate of the adventurous in quest of lovely culinary surprises.

Gardens of Boulonnais

Are you a green-fingered fan of French gardens? Head to Pays Boulonnais in the country’s northernmost tip to explore five châteaux and botanical gardens to delight horticultural visitors.

Reign of terroir

With growing concern over how far our food travels and the damage this does to the environment, Dominic Bliss heads over to Picardy to see if the French, with their unrivalled love of fine food, are buying into a local, organic lifestyle.

Poule au Pot

Henri IV of France wanted all households in his kingdom to be able to relish in this great dish every Sunday so what not try it out yourself?