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France Currency Exchange


France Currency Exchange

Currency Zone
Welcome to the France Currency Exchange zone, your source of currency information for France. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating which can affect the value of your property purchase in France.

Since 2004, FrenchEntrée has worked with Moneycorp to help save our customers money. Being a foreign exchange specialist company, Moneycorp will offer you a better exchange rate compared with your high street bank. They can also protect you against adverse currency movements and can help you transfer your money when exchange rates are in your favour.

In this section you will find currency exchange information and advice needed for your French currency exchange, including information on regular payment plans.

Don't get caught out - use our simple Six steps to buying your first French Property guide.

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How does a broker compare to my bank?

Compare Moneycorp to Bank

By using a good broker instead of your bank, you could literally save thousands of pounds on your currency exchange. Take a look at our recent comparison table pitting Moneycorp (our recommended partner) against three of the market leading banks. more...

France Currency Exchange FAQs

Everything you might be afraid to ask about exchanging currency for France... €€€ Frequently asked questions about exchanging currency for France. Where can I buy at the best exchange rates, what will it cost, how long will it take, can I get advice, how do I pay and more...

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Top tips for buying overseas

August 2014 © detailblick - Fotolia.comIf you're buying property in France then you will need to make an international money transfer. But be careful... more...

Au revoir France? Make a smart move when you decide to go back home.

© creative soul via fotolia Working and living in France holds a powerful appeal, as the fact that there are 250,000 British residents but what happens when it's time to say au revoir and return home? more...

Buying rural or urban, don't forget the FX factor

©fotolia Whether you’re bound for the boulevards of Paris or a sleepy provincial village, planning your foreign exchange requirements can leave you much better off... more...

Thinking of living in France? Then think Paris.

joe de sousa via flickrIn Île de France, the region where Paris is located, more than 20,000 British nationals registered as full time residents, according to the French Statistical Office (INSEE) ... more...

Maximise your budget when buying in France

apops via fotolia If you're buying property in France, you are likely to be watching the property markets like a hawk. See how the Carters saved over £6,000 ... more...

Manage your regular payments whether in France or in the UK

fotoliaWhether you are moving permanently to France or have bought a holiday home, you will be confronted with the challenge of living between two currencies.


Plan your move to provincial France

© alfa_t - Fotolia.comJoin the thousands of Brits living out their relaxing dream deep in the French countryside, but protect your money ... more...

Don’t miss out when selling your property in France

©CHW Fotolia
The recent changes announced this year by the French government could have a direct impact on your tax bill when you come to sell your property in France. more...

Money transfers • Get the timing right!

byimagesofmoney via FlickrThe exact moment when you hit "send" on your currency transfer affects the amount of money you end up with on the other end of the transaction.

10 Tips to buy a property with a business in France

©machiavel007 via fotoliaWith bills going up and the exchange rate to consider, buying a property in France that can double as a business premises is a popular way to make the move and keep some money coming in.

Currency implications of setting up a business in France

Currency BusinessIt's important to find a way to fund your French dream. However, before you rush to get a job and find yourself in the same old rat race just in a different place, why not consider working for yourself and setting up a business? more...

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Would you buy a property in the UK without knowing the final price?

Courtesy of Moneycorp © Would you buy a property in the UK without knowing the final price? When buying a property abroad in a different currency, there is the exchange rate to keep in mind... more...

French property raises appeal for Brits

© Vladimir Voronin - Fotolia.comDon't miss out. French property buyers are set to benefit after a recent government announcement reduced the qualifying ownership period to be eligible for an exemption from real estate capital gains tax. more...

Foreign exchange, the hidden cost behind a property purchase

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Buying a property in France can be an exciting venture. Deciding the region and budget are not the only decisions to be made ... more...

The cost of living between two currencies

©fotoliaWhether you are moving permanently to France or have bought a holiday home, you might be confronted with the challenge of living between two currencies. more...

Five reasons to use a currency broker

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If you are thinking of moving to France you will need to make payments in another currency. Read this first ... more...

Free International Money Transfers for Life

Currency Zone FrenchEntrée has been working in partnership with Moneycorp since 2004 to save our customers money. Given our longstanding relationship with Moneycorp, they have given FrenchEntrée an unbeatable deal on Money Transfers. more...

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