FrenchEntrée reader Joey had many fond memories of France. Looking to visit more often, he spent more than 5 years searching and saving for his dream holiday home…

Finding ‘the one’

Joey’s search took him to FrenchEntrée, whose dedicated property team pointed him in the right direction. “At the outset of the property search, it can be a minefield!” Joey a
dmitted. “There are so many properties available to buy in France for what are, in my view, very reasonable prices.” The team assisted Joey through every step of the search and were on hand to answer any questions he had. In the end, his budget of £100,000 enabled him to find a lovely property in the region of €112,000.

Covering costs 

Joey found his dream property on FrenchEntrée’s website and, when his offer was accepted, he immediately contacted his bank to look into making the initial payment. Unfortunately, he ended up sorely disappointed with their service.

“It took me ages to get hold of someone that could give me an indicative rate of exchange so I could know how many Euros my Pounds were buying,” he explained. “After a couple of days, I finally managed to get an exchange rate.”

The team at FrenchEntrée, who guided Joey through the process, recommended he get in touch with moneycorp for a quote. “I realised after speaking to them how bad my bank’s exchange rate was,” said Joey. “Overall, taking into account the rate and the bank charges, I think I saved nearly £2,000”

Joey bought at a time when the Sterling-Euro exchange rate was fluctuating a lot and managed to take advantage of a favourable movement on the rate. He was guided by his personal dealer, who advised that certain economic data was being released which could affect the rate.

“Having been provided with that information, I decided to wait – and the timing of my transfer helped me to achieve a couple of hundred more Euros in my total amount. This meant it reduced the cost of the property purchase, which was a massive bonus!”

“The most remarkable thing about using moneycorp is how easy they make the whole process for you. It’s simple to open an account and, afterwards, you have direct access to your personal dealer, which makes a massive difference from the bank. Transferring the funds is one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking movements of the whole purchase. They were my financial savings for years. But moneycorp removed the stress by monitoring things for me with great success, which is reflected in the money I saved. Due to the special offer they have with FrenchEntrée, I didn’t pay any transfer fees and still use their services to transfer regular funds to France to maintain my property.”

If you need to send money to or from France this year, exchange experts moneycorp can offer you bank-beating exchange rates, no transfer fees plus expert guidance on the best time to transfer your money. You can register with them for free by clicking here.

Or if you would just like a quote please call them on +44(0)203 773 6355 please mention FrenchEntrée when contacting them to ensure you receive free transfer fees for life.