Au revoir France? Make a Smart Move When You Decide to Go Back Home


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<i>Au revoir</i> France? Make a Smart Move When You Decide to Go Back Home

Working and living in France holds a lot of appeal, whether it’s the glamour of the City of Light or the sleepy provincial life you’re after. Indeed, 253,000 British people live in France and around 70% of these are aged 24-64, prime working years. However, for many the ties of home are strong and the move to France is not permanent.

If you are currently enjoying life in France but considering returning home you’ll need to think about what you’re going to do with your worldly wealth. Your property value and savings are going to be in euros and you’re going to need to return your money to sterling.

If you seek the specialist help of Moneycorp we can help you find the best method to transfer your money. We offer exchange rates that are up to 4% better than a bank, representing substantial savings on your transfers. As well as low fees and great customer service.


Richard Scott is one Brit working in France who has been savvy with euro savings and used Moneycorp to get make sure he gets the most from transferring his euros back to sterling.

”I’ve been living and working in France since the summer of 2011 after jumping at a great chance to start a new job in Paris. It’s not my first time living abroad but it’s definitely been a worthwhile experience overall – I’ve met lots of interesting people and find the quality of life surprisingly high for such a big city, even if I do need to dodge maniacal Parisian drivers and miniature dogs on my way to work. I have had the benefit of working in English, though it does mean that, despite hours of evening classes, it has taken a long time for my spoken French to progress beyond ‘rusty’.

Nevertheless, at some point it looks like I will head back to the UK. So I’ve been gradually transferring my euro savings back to the UK, where I hope to buy a flat when I return.

I was recommended Moneycorp by a family member and have found their rates to be very competitive and the service very professional. The online service is easy to use or, equally, you can call them at decent hours before or after work. I’d happily recommend others in a similar situation to investigate Moneycorp, and it’s certainly a better option than going through a high street bank.”

If you want to benefit from Moneycorp’s service, like Richard, open an account now. Moneycorp can help you whether you need to move your money in or out of France. We assign all our customers an expert currency dealer to help get the most of the foreign exchange market and 24/7 online access to your online account also lets you manage your money transfers at your convenience.

It’s free to open an account and there’s no obligation to send any money.

Please call Moneycorp on +44 (0)20 3773 6355 and if you mention French Entree you are entitled to FREE transfer fees on all your currency payments. Alternatively you can click here. and submit an enquiry.

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