Is Your Gîte up to Scratch?



Is Your Gîte up to Scratch?

Whenever they assesses a property Les Bons Voisins use this comprensive questionnaire, which covers every part of the property. Ready to out how good your gite is? Let’s take the test…

1. Entrances

1.1 Are the property arrival directions correct?

1.2 Is access easy?

1.3 If there are steps is there a sturdy handrail?

1.4 Do all exterior doors have locks and keys to secure them?

1.5 Is there adequate exterior lighting for night time?

2. Fire and Gas Safety

2.1 Is the property fitted with an instantaneous gas water heater?

2.2 Have any internal gas fired water heaters been serviced by a qualified engineer in the last year?

2.3 Has any internally mounted gas fire combi-boiler been serviced in the last year?

2.4 Does any internally mounted gas fired combi-boiler have a CO detector in place?

2.5 Is the heater/flue free of any discolouration around it?

2.6 Is there a fire extinguisher in the property?

2.7 Is it within its service or use by date?

2.8 Is there a serviceable fire blanket in the kitchen?

2.9 Is there a smoke alarm for each floor of the building?

2.10 Is there unobstructed exit from all exits of the property in case of emergency?

3. Kitchen Area

3.1 Are food preparation surfaces and storage areas clean and hygienic?

3.2 Is the fridge clean inside (check door seals)

3.3 Is there sufficient kitchen equipment?

3.4 Is the bin clean and does it have a lid?

3.5 Are sufficient cleaning products and materials supplied for clients’ use?

3.6 Are spare light bulbs left for clients’ use?

3.7 Are all electrical sockets free from overloading?

3.8 Is there a gas cooker/hob?

3.9 Is the cooker free of signs of discolouration around the elements?

3.10 Is the kitchen well ventilated?

3.11 Are instructions supplied to change the gas cylinder?

3.12 Are gas hoses in good condition and within the stated life date and attached with screw fittings?

3.13 Are there instructions for use of washing machine and other appliances?

4. Living/Dining Area

4.1 Are furnishings of good quality and in good repair?

4.2 Are all electrical sockets free from overloading?

4.3 Do all full-length glass doors feature safety stickers at adult and child eye level?

4.4 Are there sufficient dining facilities for the maximum sleeps to eat together?

4.5 Are there sufficient comfortable chairs for the sleeping capacity?

5. Landings/Stairs etc.

5.1 Is there a sturdy handrail for each staircase?

5.2 Does the mezzanine have a sturdy balustrade of min 1 m high and gaps no wider than 10 cm?

5.3 Are all drops protected by a balustrade of min 1m high and gaps no wider than 10 cm?

5.4 Are there sturdy safety gates on each staircase?

6. Bathrooms & Toilets

6.1 Is tiling and edging free from discolouration/mould?

6.2 Is the room free of musty/damp smells?

6.3 Is there adequate ventilation?

6.4 Is the toilet clean and hygienic with a secure seat?

6.5 Are suitable toilet cleaning product by the toilets?

6.6 Is there a company supplied Septic Tank warning notice by each toilet?

6.7 Are all electrical fittings at least 60 cm away from the bath/shower?

6.8 Are towels if supplied of good quality?

7. Bedrooms

7.1 Are furnishings of good quality and in good repair?

7.2 Are beds in good condition?

7.3 Are all mattresses free of staining and fitted with protectors?

7.4 Is bedding supplied clean and of good quality?

7.5 Are bunk beds sturdy and securely attached?

7.6 Is cot sturdy with mattress that fills the base?

7.7 Are bars on cot max 10 cm apart and min 60cm high?

8. Miscellaneous Inside

8.1 Is décor/flooring in the property of an acceptable standard and as reflected in the brochure description?

8.2 Do all electric lights, switches and sockets in the property appear sound with no bare wires?

8.3 Is the house well presented and clean overall?

8.4 Is the house free from any unpleasant odours?

8.5 Has the owner ensured all accessories/fittings are well maintained?

8.6 Are all floorings in good condition and not posing a tripping hazard?

8.7 Does the owner/caretaker understand the importance of maintaining standards?

8.8 Is there sufficient light in each room of the property?

8.9 Are all windows lockable or have restraining bar where floor level is less than 110cm from the sill?

9. Information

9.1 Is the House Book completed and in place?

9.2 Are emergency numbers provided?

9.3 Are there directions to find the electricity trip switch and gas stop tap?

9.4 Are they easily accessible?

9.5 Is there sufficient local information appropriately displayed for clients’ use?

9.6 Is there an inventory provided?

10. Children’s Play Areas

10.1 Does any equipment for children eg swing; frames etc. appear safe and secure?

10.2 Does the play area have a suitable surface? Eg sand, soft earth, lawn, bark etc.

11. Swimming Pool

11.1 Are the depth markings clearly visible?

11.2 Is there a company-supplied poolside warning notice?

11.3 Is the water clear and the bottom clearly visible?

11.4 Is there a non-slip surface around the pool?

11.5 Are tiles surrounding the pool intact and level?

11.6 Is safety apparatus in good repair?

11.7 Is the pool appropriately fenced?

11.8 Do the pool safety features comply with local regulations?

11.9 Is the filter/pump room and chemical store securely locked?

12. Grounds and Gardens

12.1 Is the septic tank odourless?

12.2 Are all septic tanks, well shafts, inspection covers secure?

12.3 Are garden areas well tended and free of animal fouling?

12.4 Is garden furniture safe, sturdy and in clean condition?

12.5 Is the BBQ clean, sound and sturdy?

12.6 Is there a suitable refuse collection point?

12.7 Are significant unprotected drops mentioned in the brochure description?

12.8 Are ponds, pools or streams in the garden mentioned in the description?

12.9 Is farm/agricultural equipment within access of children noted in the description?

13. General Presentation

13.1 Is the property’s appearance satisfactory and appealing>?

13.2 Do the windows and the doors appear to be secure?

13.3 Are the grounds and gardens generally well presented?

13.4 Are outdoor facilities in a satisfactory state of repair?

13.5 Can the owner confirm that there are no building works that will affect clients’ enjoyment of the property?

14. Brochure Representation

14.1 Are all aspects of the brochure description correct?

14.2 Is the photograph/website/marketing material correct and representative of the rental house and useable gardens/grounds

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