Investment Property In France

Investment PropertyWelcome to our comprehensive guide to Investment Property in France. A complete online resource for information for those who are thinking about Buy-to-Let or Investment Property in France.

More and more people are using French property for an investment either existing Second Home owners who rent out their property when they are not using it or people buying with the intention of having a continuous rental income. Here you will find all the information you need to guide you through the process of Buy-to-Let or letting your existing property.

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An overview of Investment Property in France

How Buy-to-Let works in France and the best area to buy an Investment Property

Rules and regulations when letting an Investment Property

Smoke alarms, required furnishings and the tax implications


‘Buying-to-Let’ in Paris

Suzie Hollands provides an insider’s view of locations, costs and the rental market for those who are planning to invest in the French capital.   The Île-de-France region, which includes and encircles Paris, suffers from a shortage of homes, largely

Buy-to-let in France – a good investment?

Image not found.Buy-to-let has long been a popular concept and, despite the economic slowdown, is for many a great way of generating an income. Here, we ask some of our Premier Partner Estate Agents what they would advise an investor looking for a long-term buy-to-let in France and analyse how to ensure a profitable investment.

The changing face of French leaseback buying

The changing face of French leaseback buying

There are many types of guaranteed rental schemes within the international property arena, but the French leaseback scheme which dates back to the 1980’s, could be described as the ‘mother’ of all schemes. It is not simply a short-term developers’

Buying investment property in France

There was a time when the French property market for overseas buyers mainly meant second homes. Then a few brave souls started to buy homes in live in France, followed by if not a torrent at least a steady flow

Buy to let in France

The same basic principles apply to buy to let in France as they do in other countries such as the United States, Ireland and Britain. Before you purchase a property you need to make sure it’s in the right region,