5 Top Tips for Buying Your Dream Home on the Riviera


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5 Top Tips for Buying Your Dream Home on the Riviera

I am Fabricio Carminati, founder and CEO of FRH – French Riviera House Hunting and with my fantastic team we are specialised in helping people to find their dream property in the French Riviera.

What is the difference between FRH and a “classic” French real estate agent?

The “classic” agents generally sell only the properties they have in their own portfolio or network and often try to influence your choice, while we, at FRH, will scan all the properties available on the French Riviera for you. We are not committed to any agency, network, or owners.

FRH accompanies you in all the stages of your project of purchasing a property on the French Riviera from the establishment of the specifications, reflecting your expectations, until the signature of the notarial act, including all the administrative issues.

But most of all we will defend you interests. We will check everything about the property and make sure that you are buying a safe and hassle-free property.

Our objective, in all circumstances, is to help you complete your project without wasting time, money, energy and especially… your nerves!

For you to start the process smoothly, we are pleased to share with you these 5 tips about buying a property in France.

  1. Prepare your project

    Make sure that you have taken into consideration all possible aspect of your project: what is your final purpose, where would you like to buy, what type of property, visa procedures, etc.

  2. Establish your financial plan

    Make sure that you have all the relevant information needed about the additional tax and commissions costs and get an initial approval from a mortgage broker before starting your house search, so that you might know exactly your total budget.

  3. Structure your property purchase

    Think about which option you might choose to structure your property purchase among the available ones. You can buy through a property holding company (SCI in France) which will allow you to save some inheritance taxes in the future.

  4. Appoint your own notary

    You can appoint your own notary to represent you in the transaction, rather than counting only on the seller’s notary. Things will be double checked! You can also appoint a specialist lawyer from your own country who can advise and help you.

  5. Hang on to your sense of humour

    Before having your first taste of the French riviera ‘art de vivre’, you will have to go through the world-famous French bureaucracy. Don’t panic, take a deep breath and most of all, hold on to your sense of humour. It will help you to smooth things down.

Extra Tip – Make the Right Choice: Let Us Help You!

You can avoid stressing about all the above statements and save a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money by entrusting us with your property research. We will exclusively act on your behalf and will assist you, during the entire research and purchasing process.

You can get a lot more of valuable information about the French Riviera and its real estate market by downloading our eBook here.


FRH – French Riviera House Hunting

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +33 (0)4 83 66 05 56

Web: https://fr-househunt.com

Linktree (access to all FRH socials and more): https://linktr.ee/frenchrivierahousehunting

Offices: Premium Business Club – 28 rue Gioffredo – 06000 Nice

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  •  Jeremy Tennenbaum
    2023-09-04 12:34:04
    Jeremy Tennenbaum
    I attempted to download the e-book, but when I clicked the download button, the fields went blank and nothing happened. Please email me the book. My wife and I are visiting Nice in October and are thinking about purchasing in one or two years


    •  Fabricio Carminati
      2023-09-04 04:24:19
      Fabricio Carminati
      Hi Jeremy, I would be very pleased to email you the e-book directly! Can you send me an email at [email protected] and I will transfert it to you. Kind regards, Fabricio