New Builds in France

NewbuildWelcome to our comprehensive guide to New Builds in France. A complete online resource for information for those who are thinking about building a new house in France.

An increasing number of people wishing to own property in France either as their main home or holiday home are buying a New Build property, rather than redevelop or renovate an existing property. Here you will find all the information you need to guide you through the process whether buying from a developer or building your home yourself. You’ll find out the role of an Architect, Developer etc., planning laws and regulations and much more.

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Different Types of New Builds in France

New Build options: from a traditional house to something a bit different.

Practicalities of buying a New Build Property in France

Everything you need to know when planning to build or buy a New Build in France

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Own a Luxury Apartment in the French Alps

MGM, the leading alpine property developer, had a brilliant year. Not only did they launch numerous new developments, but they tripled their year-on-year UK sales figures, with Brits snapping up apartments in droves. Seven new developments are due to launch

Swimming pool with new builds

The Pros and Cons of New Builds

It is a truth universally acknowledged (on the Hexagon anyway) that the French really do prefer to buy new properties. Across France, in cities, towns and tiny villages, new builds are being snapped up by buyers. However, they now have

certificate d'urbanism

Building in France – Planning Application

Certificat d’urbanisme – Outline planning permission ‘in principal’ The Certificate d’Urbanism is a document which gives details of the planning rules that apply in a given area and tells the applicant whether or not a building project is feasible. There

Villa Savoye

Design Notes: Modernist Architecture in France

France has some truly outstanding modernist and contemporary architecture, not just public buildings but also private dwellings. Many represent excellent value for money as they provide large, light, airy living spaces plus the bonus of living in an extraordinary, unique environment and a piece of architectural history.

Log cabin in France representing a eco-friendly property

Log Cabins, Chalets and Eco-friendly Property in France

Our growing awareness of the impact we have on our environment has led to a growing interest in eco-buildings as full-time residences. Wood is a sustainable resource and careful husbandry will allow these products to be available long after the plastic, fossil fuel created windows and doors become uneconomical.