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Britanny property chaumiere

A property guide to Brittany

Thinking of buying a property in Brittany? This article is an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

jenny and john finistere

Restoring a derelict house in Brittany

In August 2012 Jenny (a management consultant) and her partner John (a builder) moved to Huelgoat in Brittany, where they are currently converting a local property into their dream home. Here, they tell us the ups and downs of such a project.

The Groundhouse

Eco Home Stars on Grand Designs

Daren and Adi bought a plot in Brittany and used salvaged materials to build a house so intriguing that Channel 4’s Kevin McCloud had to see it for himself. Here, Adi talks FrenchEntrée through planning permission, energy saving appliances and top tips for building abroad

Thatched Cottage, Brittany

How to Find a Good Builder in Brittany

If you own property in Brittany, it is likely that you will undertake some building or renovation work on it at some point, and that you will need some advice or the help of a professional to get it right. From new builds to restorations, there are…

brittany map

A Guide to Brittany’s Departments

Each of Brittany’s departments is different, and each holds its own appeal for British buyers. Before deciding on where to concentrate your search, consider factors such as budget, the type …


Cotes d’Armor Property

If your budget is large and your French is limited then consider buying on the Cotes d’Armor. This department is traditionally the most popular with British buyers, and is consequently …


A Holiday Home in Finistere

“Lesconil Harbour”Richard and Margaret Hadley bought a holiday home in a small coastal village in the Breton department of Finistere nearly eight years ago, and enjoy holidaying there for two months…

Wood boring beetle

Timber Infestation in Buildings

“Wood boring beetle”Wood Boring Insects infest most properties in Northern France and are commonly but incorrectly generally referred to as ‘woodworm’. In fact most damage to timberwork is in fact caused …


Our house in Brittany

Jayne and I had been planning an exit strategy for a while! To escape the rat race, we planned to buy a boat and sail the world in very slow time…


Why the British Move to Brittany

“Dol-de-Bretagne”There are several reasons which immediately spring to mind: ease of access from the south coast English ports of Plymouth, Poole and Portsmouth; the climate…

RG House

Our house restoration

We started to look for houses in Brittany when our kids were quite small but never really had the time or finances to follow this up. In February 2001, after …