Renovation grants

Renovation grants

If you’ve bought a French property in need of renovation, then it’s worth making some enquiries to find out if you are eligible for a grant to help cover the costs.

The National Housing Agency (Agence National de l’Habitat, ANAH) which runs the government backed scheme that helps fund costly restorations lists some of the criteria for eligible projects on its website, though it is important to note that these can vary according to your region or departément.

Amongst the conditions listed online, the ANAH stipulates that:

• Suitable properties should be at least 15 years old

• The renovation work required should total at least €1500 before tax, unless the occupants are on a low income (grants are means tested)

• Maintenance and decoration are not eligible, nor are extensions or new constructions

• The works must be carried out by building professionals

In addition, there are some residency rules that apply.

• You must live in the property for a minimum of six years afterwards

• Or, you must let it out for a period of nine years

With regards to whether or not you are likely to benefit from a grant, certain factors may make you more of a priority:

• The property needs adapting for a handicapped person

• The property needs insulating to make it more environmentally friendly

• The property will provide cheap accommodation for other people

• The property is substandard

If you think your renovation project may be eligible for a grant, then go online to find your nearest ANAH office to request more information. Input your postcode or call 0820 15 15 15 (0.15 € ttc/min) – lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm.

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