Septic Tank Solution for a Small Plot of Land


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Septic Tank Solution for a Small Plot of Land
By Tricel

If you own a property in France with a small plot of land and need a septic tank solution, Tricel has options available.

Septic Tanks

What we call a septic tank is a traditional tank that most individuals are familiar with: a septic tank with a percolation area. This type of installation is historically present on the French market and validated by the SPANC. The percolation area uses the properties of the earth to treat wastewater. Its footprint is more than 100 m² and unusable since the pipes are only buried a few centimetres deep. Luckily, there are now new solutions adapted to all land configurations.

The approved Systems aka “Les filières agréées“ in French

The approved systems are grouped into two main families:

  • Compact filters
  • Small wastewater treatment plants

Compact Filters

The compact filter is composed of a primary settlement compartment and a media filter compartment. Tricel has chosen the 100% natural coconut fibre as a media filter, for reasons of quality, ease of maintenance and recycling. The compact filter works without electricity and is, therefore, eligible to the eco-loan at zero rate. Its footprint is reduced to 15 m² for the smallest.

How a compact filter (Tricel Seta Simplex) works


How a compact filter (Tricel Seta Simplex) works

Small Wastewater Treatment Plant

The small wastewater treatment plant is manufactured in a single tank and is therefore ultra-compact, not exceeding 5 m² of surface area for the first model. Its technology of fixed culture with a bacterial bed allows an effective purification on the long term. The small wastewater treatment plant works with electricity. It can also be installed above ground, in a garage or in a cellar.

How a sewage treatment plant (Tricel Novo) works


How a sewage treatment plant (Tricel Novo) works

Why Choose Tricel?

  • Reduced footprint
  • Simple operation
  • Delivery and installation of the system
  • Ready to use, the adjustments are made by the exclusive Tricel partner
  • Follow-up and maintenance by an exclusive Tricel partner near you

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