Why an Affordable, Energy Efficient, New-Build Home in France is a Great Choice – and is Within Your Reach



Why an Affordable, Energy Efficient, New-Build Home in France is a Great Choice – and is Within Your Reach

Buying a new build home brings many benefits, including 10-year guarantees, low energy costs and lower maintenance: personalised for how you wish to live. We look at how Atlanta Constructions, an English-speaking company based in Brittany, has been building affordable properties in France for 30 years… and how you too can realise your dream house in France – including our exciting new self-build option.

Choosing a new build home is an increasingly popular choice amongst overseas buyers in France. French people love the benefits of a new build property: the excellent insulation that keeps them warm in winter and cool in the summer, the lower energy bills – and less maintenance!

A Property Personalised For Your Lifestyle

A new build brings other advantages, too. Atlanta Construction offers 70 different designs of property, from a 2-bed bungalow to a 6-bedroom house across Brittany. You can personalise your own home to create the look and feel you want, from the size of plot you need, the choice of bathrooms and kitchens, flooring and much more.

If you are looking at self-build, this too is possible following the launch of Atlanta Construction’s new architecturally designed steel kit system. The kits are manufactured from premium steel, with many different models to suit all requirements. Step-by-step support is on hand from experts… including full project management if you need it. The self-build option is available throughout France.

#3 More Great Reasons to Choose a New Build

Let’s now focus on some of the other benefits and features of new build properties.

New build: an affordable choice

Costly estate agency fees, expensive renovation costs and long-term maintenance are not an issue when you buy or construct a new build home.

Atlanta Construction specialises in affordable land and house packages to suit all budgets and situations. For example, a one-bedroom bungalow could be yours for as little as €120,000. This price includes both the land and build costs – at a guaranteed fixed price, plus there is a 10-year guarantee on the structural work, giving peace of mind. All payments are staged.

New build properties also benefit from reduced French Notaire fees. Furthermore, because new build properties in Brittany and other areas are exempt from France’s ‘Zone Tendue’ list this reduces the risk of potentially higher taxes on second homes.

Self-build is a viable route to saving even more time and money so that you can have your own home in France at a fraction of the price of a traditional construction. For example, a three-bedroom property of 94m² costs from €52,000; you choose the plot, or we can help you.

New build: energy efficient, reduced maintenance & less hassle

With rising energy costs and increasing environmental awareness, making sure that our homes are thermally efficient and airtight is crucial.

All of Atlanta Construction’s new build properties conform to the latest energy efficiency building regulations (RT 2021), with super insulation throughout. This keeps running costs very low, around 30€ per month for your central heating and hot water.

The self build premium steel is more environmentally friendly, too. Steel, in fact, is 100% recyclable. As for plasterboards, they consume less quarry materials than any other construction process.

Whichever route you choose, new build offers quicker construction times, cheaper energy bills and less maintenance: so, no long-term renovation costs or DIY!

New build: a sound investment

Whether you are considering a permanent move to France, seeking a holiday home, looking for a buy to rent investment or downsizing as you approach retirement, new build property is a sound financial investment.

Most houses increase in value after landscaping, and the property is complete: often by €20,000 – €30,000… especially in the Morbihan, Brittany.

Demand for rental properties is strong. All types of properties are popular, from a 2-bedroom bungalow to a 4-bedroom house, making the buy to let for long-term or seasonal rentals an attractive opportunity for investors.

Realise Your French Dream

There are many reasons why France retains its popularity as a great place to live. Beautiful coastline and countryside, interesting cities and architecture, glorious châteaux… and of course, the superb food and drink.

That is why Atlanta Constructions is passionate about helping people to realise their dream of owning their own new build home in France.

Atlanta Constructions has been building property in Brittany for three decades and can help you find your dream home; our English-speaking team will help you choose your ideal area and plot and finalise the design.. so all you need to do is to collect the keys and start living your dream.

Brittany has excellent proximity to the main ferry Channel ports, together with stunning beaches, a thriving expat community and a rich and distinctive regional culture.

For those looking further afield, the self-build steel structure package is presented across all of France – including, of course, Brittany! You find your perfect plot, or Atlanta can help you. Furthermore, Atlanta can do all the administration work to get the planning permission as well as project management.

Interested? Find Out More

If you would like more information on either Atlanta Construction’s house and land packages or the premium self-build steel structure kit option, please get in touch. Our friendly English speaking team will be delighted to answer any of your queries or supply you with a brochure.

+33 (0) 290 690 040

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