House, Car and Health Insurance in France: Expert Q&A


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House, Car and Health Insurance in France: Expert Q&A
By Asttral

Q. Do I really need to take out private health insurance in France for a French long-stay visa?

A. International health plans need to specifically satisfy French visa requirements and are not a travel policy which would normally be rejected.

It includes the following key provisions:

  • Comprehensive medical plan (inpatient and outpatient care)
  • Maximum health cost cap exceeds €30,000 per year
  • Has full repatriation built-in
  • Is valid for a year

It is worth noting that in most cases you can set up payment as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. This is entirely your choice.

In most cases, you may cancel the policy before 30 days for a refund. If you cancel the policy after 30 days from the date you receive the policy, and no claims have been paid or are in progress, you will be eligible to receive a pro-rata refund of the premium cost paid. This is based on the number of days cover remaining from the date the carrier receives your written cancellation request, less the applicable administration charge determined by the underwriters at that time. Please refer to the plan terms and conditions issued with your policy.

Q. Is it obligatory to take Health Top-Up (mutuelles) in France?

A. It is NOT obligatory to take out a health top-up in France. It is advisable though, as depending on the level of care selected, it can make up the difference (or shortfall) in cost and cover that is not covered by the French state system.

Mutuelle Health top-up cover can be taken at a variety of levels of cover, with reflective premiums. Options can be chosen to consider differing percentages for those practitioners or medical institutions working within the tariff or those over and above it.

Understanding the mechanism of the state tariff is key in the decision making process, when choosing the level of health top-up cover. It is always best to take advice on this subject, which companies like ours can assist you with.

Q. Is my car insured if I drive BACK to the UK?

A. Good question! The UK will normally be shown on your “International Motor Insurance Card”, this is the “green section” left after the “carte verte” (certificate of insurance) is torn off, as one of the countries covered. Time allowed outside France is indicated by your insurer.

REMEMBER! Have your French International Insurance Card when you drive outside of France!

Q. I rent out my property in France as a holiday home? How do I make sure I am covered?

A. You will need to add to your “maison secondaire” MHR Policy, a clause noting that you are letting out the property from time to time to seasonal vacationers.

REMEMBER! This is not an all-inclusive cover. It does not cover, for example, damage done to a property by renters who remove your belongings from the property upon exiting. ALWAYS GET A DEPOSIT in place to guard against situations like this, released on the renter’s departure, if all is in order.

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