Making Plans To Relocate, Long-Stay Visit Or Already Resident In France?


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Making Plans To Relocate, Long-Stay Visit Or Already Resident In France?

Whether you’re an expatriate or company, planning to relocate permanently to France, or enjoying an extended stay at your second home, it’s important to make sure that you are insured. Taking out insurance not only offers peace of mind and protection against financial loss, but it is often a legal requirement in France, and it is essential to understand your options.

As a French homeowner, you’ll want to insure your property against damages and theft, as well as take out liability insurance, and proof of insurance is required for all mortgages and rental agreements. Car insurance is also a legal requirement in France, and applies to all registered vehicles, including trailers and caravans.

Accessing France’s healthcare system is a priority for most expats, and all residents in France should have some form of health insurance, ranging from a top-up ‘mutuelle’ health policy to private international healthcare coverage.

Insurance is equally essential for business owners and employers, whether it’s covering your professional activities and protecting against financial risk or fulfilling the requirements for public liability insurance and employee health insurance as prescribed by the state.

ASTTRAL Insurance Brokers, a fully registered ORIAS Broker, who have had for over 20 years a designated division fully focused on aiding the expatriate community, who can aid you and fully advise for legislated and optional insurance requirements for those clients relocating or are already residents in France.


For companies either relocating or already resident, ASTTRAL can provide advice and quotes for professional covers for a company’s activity, keyman cover and employee cover / benefits, for example, group health policies, either full private or collective company health top up policies to augment the state system cover, group life insurance and incapacity covers, whatever is a company’s need.


For individuals and families, either relocating or resident in France, ASTTRAL can supply advice, quotations and policies for all prospective clients insurances from a selection of underwriters on our panel.


To learn more please contact on [email protected] or call on 00 33(0) 4 68 32 41 20.

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