Can’t afford to retire in the UK?

Can’t afford to retire in the UK?

Try France!

Around 70% of prospective overseas buyers are aged 50 or over and with 59% stating emigration for retirement as the purpose for their overseas property purchase, France remains one of the most popular destinations for those in their “third age”.

Crowned top in Europe for quality of life, France offers a lower cost of living, the longest life expectancy, a world class healthcare system and easy access to the UK not to mention a rich culture, stunning landscapes and endless gastronomic delights.

For those in their third age contemplating a move overseas, the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France makes for a wonderful place to relocate. Chosen for its three C’s – climate, coast and countryside as well as being one of the best places in the world to go canal boating, Languedoc is one of the most visited parts of south west France.

Canal du Midi developmentDue to Languedoc’s popularity, The Villages Group is developing their first active living resort ‘village’ for those over 50 to enjoy at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Canal du Midi, one of Europe’s longest and widest canal systems, situated in the heart of the Languedoc region.

Our first Village is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France – built on the banks of the Canal du Midi. All our marketing and off plan sales have begun and we will begin building in June/July 2013 with completion due 12 months later.

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Danny SilverAsk Danny Silver, MD of The Villages Group, France…

What was the vision behind The Villages Group, France?

“I first saw the “Villages” in Florida some 15 years ago. For years I saw the growth of the Villages and the concept spread throughout the USA which led me to the idea of bringing this concept to France. Along with 5 real estate friends we immediately decided to launch The Villages Group, France.”

What stage is the first project at and when is completion due?

“Our first Village will be located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France – built on the banks of the Canal du Midi. All our marketing and off plan sales for Canal du Midi have begun and we will begin building in February 2013 with completion due in February/March 2014.”

Why do you think France makes the ideal location to retire?

“France is a great option for over 50s thanks to an exceptionally high standard of living and low living costs when you compare to the UK. In France, the cost of food and commodities is approximately 20% lower than the UK while restaurants and eating out is 30% lower and, in my opinion, 500% better. As well as this, France is second only to Japan for life expectancy so moving to France in your later years makes absolute sense. The climate, scenery and food alone are enough to encourage someone to relocate – I did and have never looked back!”

The Canal du MidiIs it still safe to buy in France?

“Yes! France has a unique system of law for property. It is clear that France’s perception of stability and being a ‘safe haven’ for property buyers still prevails. We are actually implementing a syndicate system at the Villages – the modern way to save on ownership costs and keep maintenance down. Our legal team of Notaires and Lawyers have found this to be the best solution in France with one of the biggest advantages of the syndicate style programme being that prices are kept at least 30% lower than similar properties.”

What makes The Villages unique?

  • Dedicated active living resorts for over 50s
  • English speaking communities.
    The Villages Group
  • Stunning village settings across southern France.
  • Luxurious one level eco-friendly homes.
  • Superb on-site amenities including tennis courts, swimming pools, hotel, golf and equestrian facilities.
  • Full entertainment, sports & social programmes
  • No medical facilities on site – The Villages are for living!
  • Owners also enjoy a share of the entire Village not just a home.

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