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FrenchEntrée contributor Tracy Leonetti is a French red-tape expert with over 20 years of experience helping people deal with french administrative problems. Both for people moving to France or already living in France, Tracy provides invaluable help with child benefit payments, small business set up, car registrations, utilities set up , healthcare registration, to name just a few.

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BREXIT – What Are the Current Solutions

Were you shocked by the vote?  Whether you voted in or out, I think many of us had a shock at the result of the Brexit. Two months later, the emotions have calmed somewhat but the questions still remain and

Declaring a small income in France Photo by Ermetico via Fotolia

How to declare a small income in France

As renting a room via Airbnb or selling a few knickknacks on ‘Leboncoin’ become more popular, there is some confusion as to how to declare these earnings.