Protect Your Currency Transfers in Uncertain Times



Protect Your Currency Transfers in Uncertain Times

There has been a great deal of volatility in the currency markets in the last couple of weeks. The situation is changing by the hour and if you’re looking to send funds back to France or elsewhere in the world, it’s worth talking to currency specialist.

We have seen the pound starting the week in a stronger position against main currencies such as the Euro and the USD Dollar however despite this recent improvement, the currency does remain highly volatile as is the case with most financial assets at the current time.

You might need to send money to France to maintain your property or cover your mortgage. Perhaps you already live in France but your income – through a pension or a salary – remains in the UK. In these cases it is key to look for some guidance on the best way to protect those payments, no matter how small.

On the other hand if you are involved in a property purchase and your completion has been delayed you should make sure you plan things in advance. Currency fluctuations will affect the final price you are paying for the property.

What to do next?

FrenchEntree has been working with currency specialist Moneycorp for more than 15 years helping clients sending money to or from France –or anywhere else in the world! – planning the best way to send their money with competitive rates and no transfer fees. You can contact them today or open an account with no cost or obligation. Click here.

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