Own a slice of luxury in South West France


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Own a slice of luxury in South West France

There are few French real-estate fantasies as timeless as that of purchasing a magnificent château amid the verdant countryside and vine-clad hills of the Dordogne. But for many, the reality of buying, renovating, and maintaining a historic château comes with unexpected hassles and expenses that can take away from the experience. Thankfully, there’s another option…

Purchase a Private Home at Château de Monboucher

Château de Monboucher provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of the French château experience – and own a slice of prime French real estate – without any of the associated worries. You’ll own your own private apartment on the sumptuous estate, with access to the château’s 23-hectare park, 50-square-meter kitchen, wine cellar, lounge, and car pavilion, and all maintenance will be taken care of.

There are 14 private homes available for purchase at the Château de Monboucher, ranging from 50 to 275 square metres. The homes are set in a beautiful tree-lined oasis with an outdoor swimming pool, a 3km walking and running track, and idyllic countryside views.

With a members-only policy (no rentals or Airbnbs are allowed), you’ll be assured of a private and exclusive château experience, and every aspect of your stay can be catered for. On-site services include cleaning, property and garden maintenance, airport pickups, and a concierge. Plus, you’ll find two golf clubs, a spa (annual membership is included), and a Michelin-starred restaurant, all within a short drive.

Make your French château dreams come true in the heart of the Périgord, just a 1.5-hour drive from Bordeaux and close to Bergerac international airport. Contact Château de Monboucher for more details.


Château de Monboucher

Axel Boesch

SARL Château de Monboucher
18 Route de Monboucher
24680 Lamonzie Saint Martin

+33 7 83 41 33 10

+49 175 22 56 202

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  •  Hari Shergill
    2023-05-09 07:21:27
    Hari Shergill
    Please could you send me details of available apartments and purchase price. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Hari


    •  Axel Boesch
      2023-05-11 02:53:08
      Axel Boesch
      Dear Hari, thank you very much for your interest! We have 9 apartments in the chateau for sale. The sizes start at 50 square meters, going up to 70, 125 and 160. Two separate pavilions are sold as individual houses with private land. They have 240 and 270 square meters. Finally we sell two individual homes in the Longère, one with 154 and the other one with a size of 130 square meters. Prices are around 5000 € per square meter. We could send many pictures by way of Dropbox, if this fits you. We would be most pleased to provide you with more specific information. Just let us know, what size you are interested in. Looking forward to hearing from. Kind regards Axel Boesch