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Eco Home In FranceWelcome to the eco-friendly pages of the FrenchEntrée property portal. The popularity of environmentally-conscious construction continues to rise. More and more people turn to eco-homes not just to reduce their carbon footprint but because it makes sense economically. One of the principal advantages of green construction is the lower utility bills. In these pages you will find information on applicable regulations and building norms, expert advice, options available, plus real life stories from home owners who share their experiences.

Energy Saving in France

Find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint or lower the price of your bills.

Owning an Eco Home in France

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French energy law ©Pix/Pixabay

French energy law finally adopted

The long-delayed French energy law, known as the loi de transition énergétique, was approved in a final vote on July 22 setting ambitious goals for energy efficienty and waste reduction.

Log cabin in France representing a eco-friendly property

Log Cabins, Chalets and Eco-friendly Property in France

Our growing awareness of the impact we have on our environment has led to a growing interest in eco-buildings as full-time residences. Wood is a sustainable resource and careful husbandry will allow these products to be available long after the plastic, fossil fuel created windows and doors become uneconomical.

Smart Meters to Be Rolled Out

Following a pilot scheme in Lyon and Tours, France is set to have have 35 million ‘smart meters’ installed in its households by 2018. The device should help you manage energy use in the home and reduce bills.

cheryl and stephens new build plans from paper to plot

Buying a New Build in France, a Real Story

‘New build’ refers to property that is built by a developer, and which is then offered for sale. Other phrases such as ‘off-plan’ and ‘new developments’ mean essentially the same thing. Here is a true account about buying new build in France…

eco living in the Midi-Pyrénées

The Midi-Pyrénées Is Ideally Suited to Eco-living

Ten years ago, eco-friendly living would have been considered slightly unconventional. Nowadays, almost everyone is contemplating some form of environmentally friendly home improvement says Nadia Jordan, who lives in the Midi-Pyrénées and thinks it ideally suited to eco-living.

eco village

New Eco Village in the Alps

Plans for a major new ski property development in the French Alps are announced by the region’s leading developer, MGM. When it opens at the end of 2014, Tignes 1800 will be a ‘gateway’ to the wider Tignes ski resort.

Wood moisture checker

Why Wood Burners Are Eco-friendly

One of the most eco-friendly methods of heating your home has to be by using wood as a preferred source of fuel and few other countries are as well stocked with this commodity as France…

Wind turbine in France

Using Wind Power in France

Some energy suppliers now specialise in producing wind energy such as Planete Oui and French residents can choose to use them. However, installing your own wind turbine in France is a viable option for residents with enough land…