How to Become a Member of Gites de France: A Step-by-Step Guide for Gite Owners


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How to Become a Member of Gites de France: A Step-by-Step Guide for Gite Owners

If you own a gite in France, becoming a member of Gites de France offers a host of benefits. Here’s how to go about signing up.

What is Gites of France?

Whether you’re a gite owner wanting to advertise your services to holidaymakers or a visitor looking to rent a gite in France, Gites de France is likely to be your first port of call. For more than 60 years, Gites de France has been France’s leading network of gites and guesthouses, with more than 56,000 listed accommodations across the 13 regions of metropolitan France (and even some in Guadeloupe and La Reunion, too!).

Read more about the history of Gites de France.

Gites de France classifications

More than simply a booking site, Gites of France is most notable for its classification system – each gite listed on its site receives a rating, similar to a star rating for hotels, but instead (in keeping with the rural theme) using ears of corn. Listings are first split by type – gites, group gites, chambre d’hôtes, and camping and chalets – and then classified from 1 to 5.

More recently, additions have included city breaks, which are apartments classed as comfort, premium, or luxury, and unusual accommodations, which are glamping-style accommodations from yurts to gypsy caravans.

The classification system allows holidaymakers to know exactly what kind of gite they will be renting, from the facilities and services provided right down to the kind of kitchen appliances or entertainment system that is made available to guests. As each gite is individually assessed to attain its classification, clients can trust that the gite in question is up to standard.

Why become a member of Gites de France

As a gite owner, the obvious advantage to having your gite classified with Gites de France is the opportunity to advertise your property for holidaymakers on their website, but there’s more to becoming a Gites de France member than that.

You’ll benefit from the increased visibility and exposure of your gite, as well as the trust and credibility that comes with the Gites de France brand. Gites of France members also gain access to a vast community of other gite owners and receive marketing and business support from the Gites de France team – which can be invaluable for setting up and running your gite business.

You can read a personal account from a French gite owner of her experience here.

Becoming a member of Gites de France: step by step

In order to receive the Gîtes de France classification and become a Gites de France member, your gite will need to be assessed by a Gites de France representative within your French department. Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1:  Check the eligibility of your gite

Before you begin the registration process, make sure your gite meets the necessary criteria outlined by Gites de France. This typically includes adhering to specific standards of comfort, cleanliness, and safety, and you can find details of the different classifications here.

Step 2:  Submit your application online

You can make your initial request online using the contact form here. Simply fill out the details and send the form off. You can also add any additional questions or requests to the ‘message’ section. A member of your department’s Gites de France organisation will then get in touch with you to set up a meeting.

Step 3:  Undergo a gite inspection

A Gites de France representative will visit your gite to inspect the property and inform you of its classification and/or any additions or changes you might want to make in order to meet another classification level. This is also your chance to learn more about your Gites de France membership benefits and ask any questions that you want to ask. After a successful inspection, your gite will receive a classification and be awarded the Gites de France label.

Step 4:  Sign the contract and pay your membership fee

Once your gite is approved, you will then sign a contract with Gites de France under the guidance of your representative. This contract will outline the terms and conditions of your membership, as well as the annual membership fee required. Membership fees vary depending on your region and property type, so it’s something that you should discuss with your representative during the property inspection.

Step 5:  Start promoting your gite!

With your gite now part of Gites de France, you can take advantage of the marketing support and resources available to you. Start advertising your gite with a detailed listing and high-quality images that show off your holiday home to its full potential.

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