News Digest: 24-Hour Extension for Property Declaration & Electricity Price Rises



News Digest: 24-Hour Extension for Property Declaration & Electricity Price Rises

A 24-hour extension has been issued for the new property tax declaration, electricity tariffs are on the rise, and France is banning paper receipts. Here are the French news stories you need to know about this week.

1. 24-Hour Extension for Property Tax Declaration

The deadline for France’s new property tax declaration – the ‘declaration d’occupation’ – was set for yesterday, July 31st, 2023, but due to a number of difficulties accessing the online form, the French tax authorities have announced a 24-hour extension.

Property owners now have until midnight tonight (Tuesday, August 1st) to complete the declaration. This one-off declaration is mandatory for all property owners (including non-residents and second-home owners), and we’ve put together a handy step-by-step guide to help you out.

There is a €150 fine for non-compliance, but we have also been reassured that the authorities are likely to be lenient in this first year, and these fines are unlikely to be issued for small mistakes or for those who encountered difficulties filling in the form.

If you are having problems accessing or completing the form, you can send a message via your personal space online, call the French tax helpline on 0809 401 401, or head in to your local tax office or France Services branch to seek assistance.

2. Electricity tariffs rise

As of today, August 1st, electricity tariffs are set to increase in France, as the government lifts its price shield or bouclier tarifaire that was introduced to protect consumers from inflation-related price bumps. Households on regulated electricity tariffs, as well as those with market-rate tariffs tied to the regulated rates, will see a 10% increase in their bills from now on. What does this mean in practice? Increases are estimated at an extra €12.50 a month, which amounts to about a €150 increase over the year. 

3. No more paper receipts

Another change coming into action today (August 1st) is the end of paper receipts in shops across France. You may have already noticed that many supermarkets and shops in recent years have begun asking whether you require a printed receipt or not – the first step in France’s move to become paper free. Plans have been underway to stop paper receipts entirely, and after being postponed once (initially, this change was set to be introduced in April 2023), it’s finally coming into force this month.

The new rule applies to all shops and establishments serving the public and means that a paper receipt will not automatically be offered. Instead, most stores now offer a digital receipt sent out via email or SMS, and some stores also offer their own app, where your receipts will also be made available. For the time being, it will still be possible to request a paper receipt if you wish – however, it will be up to you to ask for one from your cashier.

Exceptions will also be made for items issued with a legal guarantee or warranty, restaurant bills, and some services.

4. Traffic warning for Friday

Traffic over summer weekends is inevitably slow-moving, but while last week saw a notable peak due to the chassé-croisé, this Saturday, August 5th, is set to be the busiest day of the month on the roads. In fact, it’s the only day listed as a ‘black day’ by Bison Futé (see the full calendar here) – a day when traffic circulation is listed as ‘extrêmement difficile’ (extremely difficult).

If you must travel on this day, make sure to account for extra time on the road and keep an eye on Bison Futé’s traffic announcements to avoid the worst of it. As usual, the worst affected areas tend to be routes in and out of the Ile-de-France region, and between major cities and coastal resorts.

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