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Uzes Property for Sale

Uzes Property Languedoc RoussillonIf you want to know what the French think of Uzes, just ask them! It was described to me by a young Nimoise as “la ville la plus belle de toute la région!” – and a short visit to Uzes will show you that she’s not the only one who thinks so!

Uzes is a small town in the Gard department of the Languedoc rich in charm and appeal, which lies in its beautifully unique architecture, and its Provencal market in la Place aux Herbes which tantalises all the senses with its vibrant colours, tastes and smells. Uzes benefits today from a decision taken in 1958 by French Cultural Affairs minister Malraux, to preserve and restore it to its original glory. As a result the tiny market town is full of well-maintained extraordinary and unique original architecture. It has become the home of delightful, specialised, little boutiques selling locally produced arts and crafts, and regional produce, not to mention, of course the obligatory cafés and bistros. Surrounded by the gentle countryside of vineyards basking in the warmth of the Provencal sunshine, it is easy to feel that this would be the ideal place to own a property.

Uzes Property Languedoc Roussillon
the historic centre of Uzes


Uzes Property Languedoc Roussillon
Uzes popular market is a big attraction

Needless to say, with all its picturesque charm, Uzes has been high up on the list of property hotspots in the region, and has already been “found” so to speak. For those of you who would shudder at the thought of sharing so marvellous a ville with other anglais, you can rest assured that this isn’t actually a version of little England. But, on the other hand, it isn’t an entirely typical French town either. It is in fact a remarkably diverse town with many other nationalities living in and around it. One person who lives there told me that Uzes is a little like living in Rome, where the mix of other nationalities affects the culture and the feel of the city. And for those who integrate, Uzes offers that prized jewel of boasting a strong and sophisticated cultural life, with concerts, exhibitions, theatre, cinema and fairs all year round. It’s proximity to Nimes, Avignon and Montpellier, means not only that there are easy-access transport links, but also that you can be within reasonable distance of high street stores, local schools and colleges, and city culture too – a real bonus as these three cities are all a joy to explore.

For my money, though, the best thing about Uzes is also its proximity to the Rhone, the Ceze and Ardeche valleys providing some of the most varied landscape in the region: from the wild, marshes of the Camargue south of Uzes to the deep gorges of the Ceze river to the north. Uzes allows you to really have it all: picturesque Provencal architecture, contemporary French and international culture, myriad outdoor pursuits, and superb transport links.

Uzes Property Languedoc Roussillon
the nearby Pont du Gard


Uzes Property Languedoc Roussillon
the local landscape is dotted with olive trees, lavendar and sunflower fields


Uzes Property Languedoc Roussillon
nearby picturesque villages such as St-Quentin-la-Poterie


Uzes Property Languedoc Roussillon
and Valliguieres

Renovations are still possible to find around Uzes, but one has to be careful about which renovation project one chooses if one wants to make a profit. The usual advice applies – choose your location carefully if you hope to sell it on, be realistic about your renovation budget, and don’t expect large capital growth at the moment. Renovating houses to supply the rental market may be a good option in Uzes, as the local French residents are finding it increasingly difficult to buy their own property and long-term rentals are in high demand. Thanks to it excellent tourism credentials, there is a strong, but highly competitive, short-term holiday rental market in the area, which would definitely go some way towards paying for second mortgages should you choose to rent your property out.

So, thanks to its remarkable location and the undeniable charm of this Provencal town, our prediction is that property in Uzes and its surrounds will continue to hold its value well in the future.

* Fédération Nationale de l’Immobilier – National Estate Agents Federation

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